Size queen problems

I can only get sexual satisfaction from a man with a large **. When I was 14 years old I had my first sexual experience with a 16 year old boy. His ** was 9 inches long and thick. From that point on a small ** just never did it for me.
I simply do not enjoy ** with a small man. It has caused me to break up with many guys over the years. The problem is that have developed feeling for a man I work with and we have been seeing each other for several months. But he has a small **. If I continue to see him I will be giving up on sexual satisfaction.
I feel really bad because when we have ** I am faking enjoyment. Basically lying and I do not want to hurt his feelings so I am trapped. I have considered a drastic option but I am scared to bring it up to him. I am afraid he will reject the idea and me. I want to ask him if I can have a "friend with benefits" on the side. Purely for **. We could even incorporate this into our sexual play. It is the only way I think I can remain in this relationship.

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  • Leave him now so he can find someone who will actually love and cherish him and not body shame him for something he can't control.

    I'm sure when you hit 50 guys will still be chasing you...

  • I’ve been married for 25 years. I love my husband. He is well endowed for a white guy. But back in college I got hooked on BBC.

    I take “girls night outs” and hook up with black men to get satisfaction

    My husband is not aware. All he knows is when I come back from “ night with the girls” I am super ** and he loves it.

    What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and it makes my kitty happy

  • Hope he's doing some skinny ** white girl while you're out.

  • For a white guy? Oh do ** off.

    Buy a ** if it bothers you that much.

  • He doesn't notice your busted holes? So do you just pretend to like it with him? You know, the guy who's sacrificed everything for you?

  • I love my husband so I don’t have to pretend. He is almost 8 inches long so it’s a nice size. I just love the girth my black lovers offer.

    I also ** quickly when Jim and I have ** after “after a night out with the girls”. Just the thought of Jim making love to me just after being pounded by another man drives me crazy. Especially when Jim starts with oral and comments how ** and WET that I am. I’ve begged him for over 25 years to lick me after we have **. But now little does he know but he is licking me clean before he makes me dirty again. ** that makes me wet just thinking about it.

  • What an absolutely ** jewish post. How many shekels were you paid?

  • Just a suggestion , if you have a friend with Benifits you need to give him one . It’s not about love just satisfaction - pray on it ,good luck

  • People who pray on things generally don't ** around and put their stretched holes above a decent relationship.

  • Stretched holes are the best holes

  • You should definitely have a conversation with him. He may enjoy being cuck.

  • No he wouldn't. No self respecting man ever would.

    I bet you his ** is completely normal too

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