I need to get something off my chest

I just had a mental breakdown and i need it to be out of my system. this has been the worst summer break ive ever had. my dads a total slob that i feel bad for but i always catch him talking badly about me and saying rude stuff abt me to my mother. i just broke down, nobody in my family wants anything to do with me and all of my friends dont ask me to go out i have to. i feel so alone all the time and ive been struggeling with depression. i am a pleaser so ijust put on a smile and make my friends laugh. but i cant, tonight has been a total breakthrough or shall i say break down? haha.

my mum works so hard all the time, everday. and im at home watching tv and wasting my life bc my dad wont take me anywhere because he doesnt like me. my brother is just on his pc all day. i cant afford therapy and so i told my mum how i was feeling and she just laughed and ignored me. ive had enough. i am so done. thank you for reading this messy paragraph . i just wanted it out so i can forget about it. props to my dog for calming me down.

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  • You need to cultivate hobbies...do something new

    Learn a new language or play badminton or go swimming or reading books in a library....or clicking beautiful pictures and sending them to professional photo companies.....nd shoot some nice small videos...on nature or beauty tips or pranks with your friends.....

    Have fun ...there is sooo much to do....be creative....learn to paint...or learn to dance...anything is good. Life is full of possibilities...don't focus on dad or mom...they are doing the best they can...prove them wrong by being active and happy...

  • I'll be ok don't kys

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