Always have been attracted to dominant men

As far back as I can remember I have always been attracted to older dominant men. As a child my favorite uncle was the County Sheriff. In high school I was attracted to Coach. In college I was attracted to my Anthropology professor. And a new hire after college to the Big Man upstairs. Along the way I was felt up and I learned how to show respect and shower them with affection. It goes without saying that I was an early bloomer and lost my virginity early.

The problem with being attracted to older dominant men is that they always seem to have a wife somewhere. And not all wives are happy to know that a young woman is sitting on their husband's laps stuffing their sausage in them. It happens to be true that dominant men like having you straddle their lap and sit on their mighty manhood and stuff it in you, lowering yourself slowly, grimacing and letting a tear run down your face. They love it. Wives won't do it and wives don't suck d*** either. Dominant men like a young woman showering affection on them.

I'm convinced it's nature doing it's thing. Women want the most able warrior and warriors want the young maiden. But you are only young for a while. Soon, way to soon, you have to make up your mind. Get the old man to dump the wife and marry you, or find a man who's wife walked out on him because he is too much to handle. The second choice is more likely. And because I like dominant men I can put up with their bossy nature. It doesn't bother me, as long as he is able to support me at the level I've become accustomed to.

Aug 15

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