I'm cheating on my online boyfriend with another guy that knows about him. We never told him. I'm cheating because my partner isn't into being dominant. That's what the other guys gives. I like when he acts dominant

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  • You know what your doing and it is wrong but you still do it.

  • My boyfriend said he didn't have a problem with it and that's it's ok to lack certain things and going after it with someone else. We are on good terms about everything

  • No, if THAT was the reason you'd have discussed it with HIM. You're doing it because you either want extra attention and or/**.

    A normally functioning human being does not require the threat of force in order to not hurt another.

    You are in some way bent, broken, or just "made" from "poor quality parts" in general. In a word, you're garbage.

    But then again, you KNOW that, and you're doing this on purpose-- making you at least evil yet ** garbage.

    That fact doesn't elevate you in my eyes, nor does it imbue you with anymore value than you started with-- we're still sittin' at a dead cold zero on THAT front, doll.

    What it DOES do is make you a little more fun to toss around the ol' ** room though-- and this post actually does make me want to. So congratulations, you've been successful in your mission of gaining male attention.

    Enjoy, and please do reply if you'd care to chat-- but I won't be returning to argue, so if you DO want to, you'll drop the act, find out what I'm into, and do it.

    Or you won't, and while I'm sure you'll still get a couple bites here-- no more of em'll be from me.

  • I told him and he said he wasn't into it. He's a pretty vanilla person so he said if I wanted to do anything of that kind that it wouldn't be with him but I could search for it in someone else

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