Helping street beggars

Here's my embarrassing confession. If I see a beggar on a median strip. I pull to a stop and give them a $20. I keep a small bottle of booze in the car and put it on the passenger seat. I point to it and say it's theirs if they feel my b****. If nobody is around I'll ask them to suck my nipples too. I've never had one say no. Even a woman once did it. I get so wet and h**** from this and always m********* when I get home.

I've done this about a dozen times. I know the intersections where I'm most likely to encounter someone and drive to one of them about every few weeks. That's my embarrassing confession and I'd be mortified if anyone I knew saw it or found out.

(I fantasize about letting them finger me or eat me out but I'd never really do that.)

Aug 20

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  • You know a lot of street beggars aren't really homeless, It's a job to them.

  • There's this begger who I usually see everyday at a specific spot with her infant begging for money. Many times I just walk past her just to see her sexy body. i have seen many people stare at her while she breastfeeds her kid and my d*** get's real hard seeing that sometimes I just wanna grab her b*** and suck entire milk out of em. last week I got a real hard and decided to go and ask her if she wanted money and give me something in return. In the beginning I thought of dropping this idea but gained courage, bought a condom coz god knows what all STD's she might have. Waited till 10:30 in the night when no one was there and asked her if she wanted that and to my surprise she agreed. I told her that I'll walk ahead and she should follow me so that no one doubts anything. I took her to a park and held her and over my pant's. I told her to keep the kid down but she said that she'll start crying, so I took her kid in my hands and told her to get on her knees and give me Bj. she pulled my pants down and started stroking my c*** which was already too hard. After that I puller her up and told her to take off her clothes and kept her kids on those clothes. Then started touching her lactating t*** and there was milk dripping off of them. So i just sucked em a little and then put on the condom and told her to lean against a tree and f***** her from behind. This went on for five minutes and coz I couldn't control myself anymore I came inside the condom and told her to lick the c** off the condom. Later I gave her $50 and she got very happy

  • So hot. I remember having s** when I was breastfeeding my children. My hubby loved it when I made him lay in bed with his hands behind his head while I rode him and expressed milk onto to his face.

    You should rent a hotel room and give the lady a chance to clean up herself and kids. Then Ask her to do what I explained above. You will enjoy it and she will be so grateful. And don’t wear a condom! She can’t get pregnant if she is breastfeeding. And trust me you will both enjoy it much better bearback.

    Show her some decency. Give it to her the right way

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