I've Some Stranger's Insta Password Who Is living In d Same City

So I randomly opened a profile on insta and wondered if I have her password. I logged out my own account from app and tried her login with a password consist of her first and last name name. It Worked.

Now I have read all of her messages. She is a married woman of around 40 years having a girl age 17 and 2 younger baby boys. There is nothing special in the chats just. She use this account to chat with her daughter whenever she goes somewhere while kids are home alone.

She loves her daughter. Her daughter is a school going girl. Both are average looking. I texted both of them from my personal insta account but got no reply from anyone.

I have her phone number plus 422 contact numbers synchronized to her account. Now I know her close friends.

Now I don't know what should I do to get any of them. I have no issue if I get that mother or daughter or any cute girl from those 422 contact.

Please note that I am just a normal guy with good looks, not a bad boy type. It's just what happened I don't know how.

Aug 23


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  • Give her the phone back. Then forget the password and them.

  • What a trash woman to have kids so early

  • Shalom

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