The right time

I am 16 and ever since I can remember I've always wanted to lose my virginity in high school to somebody I'm In love with. I've been in 2 long relationships and the 1st one didn't work because he had cheated on me, although I always thought I'd lose my virginity to him, sadly things didn't go as planned. Until I met my current boyfriend. I feel as if I'm in love with him and it's a strong feeling, I also know he's in love with me. I need advice as to how I should go about this. I'm not rushing anything nor am I h**** and want to have s** right away but all my friends are in relationships have s** and claim to be in love. My mindset is that if I have s** with my boyfriend I will know whether or not I'm in love. It's not a matter of me being ready or not it's just that I know that I don't want to have s** with anybody else other than least to lose my virginity please help



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  • If love is their nothing else matters. So think about it

  • I just suggest to try not to put these preconceived notions about losing your virginity. Just have fun with it. Try to separate your desires and your romantic pursuits. S** and love are not exclusively compatible. Let me put it this way: sometimes, people like to make love; on other occasions, people just want to f***.

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