I snoped

My boyfriend almost cheated on me with his ex. Afterwards I went through all their chat conversations and lo and behold, I found her social networking login information. I access her account daily and each day she has one fewer friend. My last act of revenge will be to message the guy she like and tell him she has herpes, delete all her pictures and then change her password. I cant wait to do it

Jun 15, 2011

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  • Lol it is funny but it is considered cyber bullying and you could go to prison....girl Facebook is a dangerous thing to mess with.. Instead punch your boyfriend..

  • No offense, I say this in a loving way, but you're nuts if you think you should "punish" someone that has done nothing wrong. Face the facts. NOTHING happened. Just dump the b******, or move on with your life like nothing happened, because actually, NOTHING happened.

  • If you do make false accusations that is considered cyber bullying, it is a crime. With facebook they will be able to trace it back to you or you. That will be your second offense, your first was hacking into her account. You need to have a talk with your bf, instead of being an immature psycho b****. It takes two. Your part of the problem why he's cheating.

  • almost cheated on you? leave her alone. you are a crazy b****. punish your straying boyfriend not her.

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