We didn't even know it, but it's all been worth it

I'm 34, single never married. I have been unlucky all my life and no man has wanted to go all the way with me and I am still a virgin. In the last four years I haven't had a single date.

A friend of mine, she is 37 is in the same boat. She works for a law firm and is a paralegal but has not had any luck landing a lawyer. She hasn't gotten lucky since before COVID.

We decided that we needed to break the ice. We booked a holiday in Mexico and shared a room at an all inclusive. Not a grand resort, a half grand hotel, but we didn't have to pay for food or drink as long as we stayed there. Our room was on the 3rd floor overlooking the pool, we had two double beds.

We decided that our first time deserved to be special so we had dinner out by the pool and walked around the gardens until we went back up to our room. She helped pull my top off while I was standing at the veranda looking down at the pool. After she got my pants off I was totally naked in the fresh air and anyone that cared could have looked up to see me. She came around, she had taken her clothes off, and after turning me she got in a crouch, she grabbed me by the hips and licked right in me.

It wasn't exactly comfortable standing out there so we got on a bed and went down the numbers. She plaid the part of the aggressor and I laid back and took it all in. My turn on top would come later, but for my first time it was nice to just be made love to. Except for the lack of penetration, everything else went better than expected and when we had both 'finished' we lay there playing with our hair.

The next morning after a shower, I played the aggressor and she played the maiden in distress and we got off pretty quick. We dressed and went down for breakfast. What came of all that is that we were no longer just friends and we sat closer together and if our hands happened to meet we wrapped our fingers together.

When later in the day we decided to go walk on the beach the lady at the counter came over to us to ask how our stay with them was going. She whispered to us that in Mexico it's not seen for two ladies to hold hands or behave like a couple, so while we were out behave accordingly and we should leave our honeymoon for when we got back to the hotel.

We got back sometime later and there was a bottle of Mexican Champagne (or something like it) in our room and a card from the front desk lady, from one 'sister' to her 'sisters' and a card with a heart on it. We made friends easily with her and on the last night we were there she took us to dinner, outside of the hotel, and she brought her 'girlfriend' with her. We have known each other for so long that it wasn't difficult carrying off our relationship. And we got sweet hugs and kisses on the cheek when we were dropped back off at our hotel and exclamations about what a cute couple we made and they hoped we had enjoyed our honeymoon.

Aug 27

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  • What a lovely story! Finding love is beautiful, no matter where, when, how, or who you find it with.

  • Congratulations

  • Interesting that neither of you would consider dating regular guys, has to be lawyers or doctors right?

  • Id gladly submit to you or both of you

  • Don't worry. Now that dating and marriage are on the way out, s** robots will be coming in to fill the void.

  • Amen! I think I call mine Vanessa. If they can cook too...

  • So happy you've found each other!

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