Core Relationship Dynamic

I am going to call this love. I was a very h**** teenager, I masturbated a lot, finding ways to pleasure myself. I confessed this to my best friend, and initiated her into helping me m*********. I can't log all the items we used, nothing she inserted in me seemed to be enough, we even tried a*** insertions, but soon stopped that as it got me nowhere. I was the aggressor with her, which she very much liked, but it did not satisfy me.

Then one afternoon, we were at the mall and sitting at a table eating an ice cream and this old man came by and asked to sit with us because there were no more places available. The conversation turned to boyfriends, which we admitted we did not have, and he asked us, really me, if I had ever tried it. Emphasis on the "it". I said no, what did he think we were, but he was quick and said that once I tried "it" I would never quit. And 'you too', he said to my best friend.

So I confronted him and asked how many girls he had done it with, and told him I didn't believe the number. He went on about how many and where and that they all walked away satisfied. I asked for his secret and he took my hand and laid it on his lap. He didn't let me remove my hand, it was the first time I had ever touched 'that'.

He invited us both to go with him, he was going to show us what we were missing. I still had my hand on his lap, with his hard c*** under my hand, and I looked at my best friend, and we nodded to each other and agreed to go with him.

We went out of the mall and got in his car and he took us to his apartment. He ordered us to get naked, he ordered us to make out, and to 69. Nothing new to us, but I turned and laid back on the bed and told him to give me what he promised. It was everything he promised, for the first time ever I was truly squirming, when he took my face and pushed his tongue in my mouth I had my first ever sexual o*****.

This is what I was missing. Our routine became getting it good from him, and then being comforted by my best friend. Her kisses and caresses, were like a warm blanket, and her whispers made me want to hug her and hold her. He had his turn with her a couple of times, to see if she was receptive to it, but that wasn't her thing. It was mine.

In love, yes. I fell for him hard. And my best friend, she was my comfort, my one true friend, the one I shared this amazing experience with. I love her too. Just different.

Aug 31, 2014

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