I have a girlfriend to play around with, but I need a man

I divorced after two years and I had no desire for another relationship like that. To be fair, we were too young and not prepared, but also to be fair he kept thinking he was still in college.

After our divorce I had several dates which either ended in bed or there was no second date. After a while I just quit dating. I made friends, some male and mostly female and got involved with out of the office activities. I never felt the need for a man. My life, quiet as it was, was quite fine.

Then, at 39, I accepted an invitation from a female friend to go on river cruise in France. All the old couples, and a few women traveling together. I guess you never see a couple of men on these things. We sat with the women, one woman asked us if we were a 'thing', she was curious about women like us. That triggered, I'll use that world, triggered a discussion when we got back to our room.

She, my friend, is all woman. 5 foot six, 155 pounds, solid foundation, large b******, very pretty face, 43. Divorced like me, from a doctor who likes young nurses. Me, I'm woman all right, but smaller, five four, and 130 pounds, and slimmer and I have small b**** and long legs. After we were naked and admiring each other for a few minutes, it really is different when you look at a naked woman and you are planning on having s** with her. She put me on the bed and had me open up and she went straight to town and ate me until I came.

For some reason, having her make love to me was fine. It was harder for me to make love to her. Yes, I liked her b******, who doesn't like b******. But the other, you know getting down there and using your mouth was much harder than I thought. Repulsed isn't the right word, but it's the word that comes to mind. We settled on her being the lovemaker and me being the loved one.

We spent the remaining days of the cruise as lovers and our dinner friends were so excited to meet real lesbians. We made up a life together, and told them we were really on our honeymoon.

After our return home we had to decide, do we continue or do we accept it was a fun thing on a river cruise. I went back to a man, ran back to a man. After two weeks I needed a man. I didn't care how he treated me, as raw meat or as the Princess Bride. He is more of a raw meat sort of man, but it felt good to have a d*** where it belonged. Men just do it differently. Men don't take no never mind, once their programed they are off and running and you better lay back and enjoy it. Women are all over you wanting to make sure you are enjoying it.

She and I do get together and we do enjoy getting naked and taking a hot bath together and playing around and being sweet and tender. But I have to go to my friend too, let him have all the raw meat he wants. I'm not looking for table manners. I just want to be devoured.

29 days

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