The Big O

I went on Holiday with a female friend. We booked a cruise to Greece and Turkey. On our first night aboard when we went down to dinner we decided to wear shear blouses with nothing but a Band-Aid over our nipples, letting our b****** free. My friend is more buxom than me but I have big enough b****** myself. It was fun watching the old men stare and the old ladies frown. We went to the club afterwards and danced with reckless abandon, the freedom we felt of our b****** dancing with us brought on a feeling that we had not felt before.

When we got back to our cabin, we took off our tops and ripped the Band-Aids off letting our nipples breathe in the fresh air from the open balcony door. It wasn't long before we took off our panties and stood completely naked on our balcony with the warm sea air rushing through our thighs and around our b****** and whipping our hair about our face. We celebrated with a glass of wine, and in the spirit of the moment we kissed, and were soon holding each other's b****** in our hands. It was just a moment before I fell to my knees and buried my nose up between her thighs. Onto the bed, her legs sprung open and the nectar of her womanhood drew me to kiss lick and suck on her puss. Let it suffice to say that after she reciprocated we continued until we had give each other the Big O as an after dinner treat.

For the next five nights we did not wear a bra, at best a Band-Aid to disguise our nipples, we let our b****** free and after we bought skirts we left our panties behind. Who cared who looked up our skirt, let them look. Who cared who stared at our b****** held tight by our blouse. Who cared if two middle aged women acted like foolish tramps. We had fun, and after dinner, and after dancing and drinks, we spent an hour in our room sipping the delicious nectar from our puss. The Big O. My God, Night after night we shrieked, moaned, and cried out. What no man had been capable of doing, we did with our lips and tongue. No man can make love to a woman like a woman can. No man can relish the puss of a woman like a woman can.

As we departed the ship, our Holiday ended, our bags packed, we flew back to Bristol with our b****** unencumbered by our bras. No Band-Aids to hide our nipples, nothing to hold them in place, our b****** went on Holiday and so did we. We told ourselves, after we are done with our day, we will get together and share a glass of wine, and give our puss the treatment it deserves. Let no man come between us, for we had discovered the secret of the Big O.

May 11

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