Need advice on going without knickers

My boyfriend wants me to go without knickers and wear a shirt skirt when we go to a concert this weekend but I’ve never done it before and am pretty nervous. I decided to go to work today with no knickers on as a test and it feels okay. But, ladies, if you’ve ever done this how did you deal with it if people saw up your skirt? I am trying to be so careful but worried my work colleagues will see up as I’m wearing a flowy short skirt. Emily

22 days

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  • As a man, who has enforced this rule with subs many times, my girls always say once they commit to it and realise that
    A- it turns them on
    B- no one sees for long enough to know what is missing
    They find it hot as f**k. 2 have binned (with my assistance) everything that I don't aprove of as they don't need them

  • Well, I have certainly got to enjoy it the last few days. The concert was absolutely fine and actually I got quite turned on as the evening wore on. Something nerve wracking about not having any knickers on among so many people. I wore a really short white pleated denim mini skirt and it barely covered my a*** anyway. I think people must have seen up but as you say, not for very long at all. So I’ve been going without knickers since Saturday evening and so far it’s fun! Emily

  • Great for you Emily. Did you take him for a ride while still having your clothes on.

    I love doing that to my husband in the park

  • You could wear a thong .
    It is damn near as sexy and revealing - but your bum will still feel like you're wearing panties. ....and if he can't get excited seeing you in a thong....!??

  • Thanks. I do that a lot already and he does like it but he says he wants me to be completely naked underneath and that is what would really turn him on the most. I didn’t mind it so much the other day at work but I know he wants me to wear a mini skirt to the concert so that may feel different?

  • Go for it. You will love it.

  • Hi Emily - I’m Jade and I’ve been knickerless for a few years now and honestly hun you should just enjoy it and not worry. Loads of people must have seen up my skirt or dress and seen my naked p**** or bare backside but generally no one says anything and I just feel a bit excited actually as it makes me feel h****. I don’t try to show anyone or do anything deliberate but if people see up then it’s no big deal. Honestly it will be fine! I promise! How did it feel at work without any knickers? Hope it was nice and you could just relax and feel normal - but also a little bit naughty ☺️ Jade xxx

  • Hi Jade! Thanks for your reply. It’s really nice of you and thanks for the encouragement! I didn’t feel h**** at work with no knickers but it was okay and I often forgot I didn’t have any knickers on. And yes it did feel a bit naughty at times! And that’s good to know it should not be a big deal if anyone sees up. Fingers crossed! Emily

  • Emily, so happy for you. Be free. Don’t try to
    Show It Off but if someone catches a look see you will make there day.

    Just be friendly and natural.

    You are sexy and beautiful

  • Thank you very much! Emily

  • Very sexy story Emily. Have you let him play with you in public yet? It’s so hot to be watched by strangers. I love to go to the store in workout shorts with no underwear so that women can see the outline of my manhood. Would that turn you on?

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