Now everyone knows.

Yesterday was my 40th birthday, I had a bunch of friend couples out to my mom's lake front cottage and it was basically just a drunk fest, By mid afternoon there were a lot of drunks doing beer pong, BBQ'ing, etc. A few of the couples bailed out early as they got a little too carried away but by 5:00 there was still my husband and I and 3 other couples who are all close to us obvioulsy.
My bestie, Like my one and only BFF created one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I was standing at the bottom of the deck stairs and she walked up, Grabbed my skirt and pantsed me, I dropped my drink, Panicked because I wasn't wearing any underwear since I had just pulled it on over my bikini and took it off because it was wet but when I bent down to pull up my skirt I caught the corner of the step with my ** and that propelled me forward onto the grass stumbling out of my skirt completely. That wouldn't have been a huge deal and could have been easily rectified but as my husband put it this morning I apparently put on quite a show.
My husband said I fell forward right in front of him and 2 other couples, Writing in pain, Holding my a$$ and not paying any attention to trying to hide anything. I sat nodding my head this morning as he explained that I flopped right out in front of them, Grabbed my left ** cheek moaning in pain and had everything spread right out there in the open, He looked at me and said "Yup, So...D, M, S, J and R all seen your **, A hole and everything and not just normal but you spread it right open for us", He said there was 10 seconds of everyone staring right up my ** before I rolled over and my best friend wrapped a towel around me. then he said "But...Me, D, and M were out back smoking and they both M said "Dude" an held up his hand, High fived me and said "Gotta say....She looks great" and then he said they all laughed and talked a bit and apparently I have a nice ** but even more so they said I have a nice ** hole (Gag)
I am dreading coming out of the bedroom this morning but have to face them eventually.

Next Confession

My kids are very fat

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  • Honey, walk out in your birthday suit. Give them a show.

    You said there was 3 couples right? If your lucky you can get a ** in each hole. Those ladies will be so jealous. They will give your hubby a lot of attention and you two will have an amazing weekend.

    Your hubby will love the attention and you will be satisfied beyond comprehension

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