Just telling it as it is

We grew up in a farming community in the hills of Kentucky. Hillbillies. We learned to work early, the boys helped with the heavy work, the girls with the house, babies, chickens, slopping the hog. We grew up close.

I got drafted in '71 and went off to VN. When I got back I didn't fit in. I left after a couple of weeks and went to California and worked there and learned the printer's trade. Made decent enough money in the newsprint business. My sister came out to see me in '79. She is the youngest of 11.

Turns out she had the the taste for the ladies. California was Disneyland for her. She worked reception and went out a lot. More than once she brought a girl home. Then in '83 she was killed in a car crash in LA. Lost my baby sister.

I'm an old man now, back in Kentucky. Living out my days. I never married, didn't have a family. I'm gay, in the closet, always have been. My baby sister is the only one in the family who knew. Oldest brother, baby sister. Bookends, both gay.

23 days

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  • Well, you moved to the right state if you wanted to be a freak. You should fit right in with those nutjob libs in CA. Can't wait until the big earthquake takes that s**thole into the ocean.

  • I left Mass in '67 - hitched to The Big Sur, spent the summer of love in an apt on Haight street. Met a girl- we married at 18. 4 kids.
    She ran off with a younger guy after 20 yrs. 2 guys actually!
    In '69 I was drafted. Medic in 'Nam.
    Yrs later I remarried a lovely younger gal from SoCal. 2 more kids. It has been great. Sorry for your loss - and for your loneliness. Hope you find a connection some day in the near future! Hang in there troop!

  • Hi nice to meet you. We are cursed not to have a family and other fruits of life. Hope we die and never born again as humans it is so much painfull

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