I am tired

I don't know what to do, I have no money, I feel like no one was there for me to help me, no one knows my situation. So tired of financial problem, I feel like no one sees my worth, no one sees that I am capable of doing something too. Even myself. I am trying to be strong, even at times I wanna give up. But life always pushes you on your weakness point. Sometimes it was easy to pretend that you are okay in front of people, and yet you're dying inside.

Sep 17

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  • Ive experienced what your going through. DO NOT ever give up on yourself period. Think positive .

  • Please don't give uppp bro..you're right, life is really draining,it ** and everyone gets weary..that's the reality,it is harsh and the world is cruel...but everything is just temporary and so our struggles too..so don't lose hope pleasee..if no one sees your worth, our Loving God knows you and He sees it..He has plans for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you.
    People are imperfect,you can't please them cause they are also busy dealing with their own problems...so maybe you could ask for help to our faithful God..we can't depend on people or on ourselves alone.. whatever you're going through,just keep on holding on to God and He will renew your strength, give
    you His peace and wisdom. May you achieve a successful and fulfilled life soon..God bless you bro❣️

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