Cant take it

My girlfriend cheated on me and I took her back I sometimes feel stupid for taking her back as I am still not over it and dont know if i will ever be over it I sometimes want to break up with her but can never actually go through with it, I also often feel like cheating on her to get back at her I recently changed my settings on facebook to where when she looks at my account it says we're in a relationship but when anyone else sees it it doesnt show a relationship status

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  • dude...either move on or face it..!! u will be in a mess later on...say it on her face wat u feel abt...a relationship is nt abt hiding ur feelings bt abt expressing everything u got... say outright to her of how do u feel..thn its upto her to take u back or not..

  • You're too insecure to deal with her cheating so end things with her. Move on and find someone you can trust. Then TRUST her.

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