Sad of Father's Day

I don't know why I can't even get this one day for my wife to pay attention to me. We went to church and heard a good sermon, that built up father's instead of the usual tear down. Then as we are walking out she sees someone she knows and for the next 20 minutes she did not even acknowlege me. I feel that I am a good husband and a better father. I hate Father's day. Every year there is something to make me feel un-appreciated and or unimportant. So much for being faithfull and working every day bringing home all my pay. Making every practice and every game. Every band concert and back to school night. So much for doing all the cooking for the first 13 years of our marriage. What the f*** does a man need to do to be appreciated?

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  • you need to treat her ass like she do youbeleve me

  • The first Happy Fathers Day! I got was.... from my mother-in-law?

    It really isn't much of a day for me except I will acknowledge any efforts for me. I also welcome peace and quiet. Oh, and maybe to sleep into 10:30 or something like that where the kids don't slip into bed with us and I'm not the first one up to feed and let the dog out.

  • Man, sounds like she's totally taking you for granted. Doesn't mean she doesn't love you though - maybe she lost site of all you do cause you're there all the time. Have her do more of the workload, she'll be reminded pretty quick.

  • They want an Adonis with good looks, hung, and s**** diamonds.

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