Diapered at a store

When I was 10 I was acting up in a large department store and my stepmom scolded me saying" I am not afraid to pull your pants down and spank you right here in front of everyone" I was so embarrassed.. I seen people looking at us
and I was holding back tears but it was hard being so embarrassed like that in public and the next thing she says" you know what? Give me your hand". obviously too old to hold my stepmoms hand, I pulled away. She repeated loudly "GIVE ME YOUR HAND NOW!" I refused..and she started to count 1....2...again sooo embarrassing because I was 10 ...she warned me not to let her get to 3...and I stood there in protest when she said 3 and simultaneously grabbed my arm and started marching me down the isle. Now I was pulling away and whining for her to stop when she actually gave me a slap across my ** over my pants and warned" I've you are going to act like a baby ..and keep whining I will treat you like a baby! " do I need to treat you like a baby for the rest of the day? No I exclaimed "please stop" she said "ok then hold my hand and behave yourself then or we will go straight to the ladies room and I will take you over my knee!" As we started walking I couldn't help but cry...10 yrs old holding my stepmoms hand in front of everyone. We walked afew more isles before I noticed a group of girls my age on a field trip or something..just one isle over and couldn't stand to have them see me holding my stepmoms hand at my age. So I pulled away and quickly I heard " excuse me? Give me your hand!" Which only drew their attention more. Now a couple of them were staring waiting to see what might happen. I froze ..and the counting started again 1....2...loudly I couldn't bring myself to grab her hand in such a childish way in front of them and then it happened ..."3! I warned you...you wanna act like a little brat and not do what you are told?" She snatched my arm and walked me swiftly 2 more isles over and we stopped. Looking g past her I could see 2 of the girls looking on to see what was going to happen...when I noticed we were standing in front of a wall of diapers! I died inside...my stepmom said "I warned you" and with that put 4 packs of Pampers in the cart. I was mortified I started crying, she grabbed my wrist and we walked to the back just like she said and strait into the ladies room with no hesitation and past the women and girls to the large back stall where she abruptly yanked my pants and underwear down at the same time put her foot up on the seat of the toilet and pulled me across her knee and gave me a no-nonsense spanking until I was crying sooo hard when she was done I was stood up and made to stand in the corner..pants still down and wait. When she told me to "turn around!" I did and saw that she had the change table pulled down and a diaper laid out for me ...I pleaded but to no avail. She laid me down ...still sobbing and diapered me and warned" I told you if you were going to act like a bay I would treat you like one...and if you are going to cry like a little girl ..we can treat you like a little girl too." Do we need to go out there and find some girls clothes to go with you panpers?" I cried harder "no" she stood me up took my underwear and put it in her purse then she pulled myself pants up..struggling to get them up over my diaper, then had me look in the mirror at my babyish state and I whimpered "everyone is going to know!" "That's right...look how the Pampers stick out the top too." She said " and they are not quiet either! "Let's go little girl!" She said loudly. And with tears in my eyes, we walked out for everyone to see. We finished shopping with me walking and the crinkle sould every step was soo humiliating! I never did see the girls again that day but when we got home she made me fill my top drawer with Pampers so they were there when she figured she need to teach me a lesson again.

Oct 20
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