Stepmom looking at my bulge

To start me and my stepmom have never f***** before but we have and a lot of sexual tension at times. I am currently in college but this all started in my junior and senior year of high school. Normally after school my stepmom would pick me up and it would be just me and her in the house alone together for around 45 minutes before my stepmom had to pick up my little sister from day care or when my dad would get home from work. like clock work every time I got home from school I would get a cup of water from the fridge and also eat some food. When I would get my water I started to notice that my stepmom would always clean up the toys on the floor, her ass would look so good when she was on all fours or bending over to pick up the mess. As I would move to the table to eat my food my stepmom would then start to wash the dirty dishes from breakfast. The view of the sink was right in front of where I sat so as I would eat my food I would also enjoy the view of my stepmoms ass. She has probably noticed me looking before as she could see my reflection in the window on sunny days. I would always felt like she was teasing me from how she would wear yoga pants and constantly let me look or how loud she would be in bed.

my dad use to go on a lot of business trips in the past and when he did the house became less strict. I would hang out with friends late not worry about a curfew and my stepmom would not try as hard cooking or cleaning the house. It was always fun when my dad would go on business trips because my step mom would wear cloths that she normally didn't wear. My favorite of which was a v neck t-shirt and blue yoga pants that would ride up her ass cheeks.

I could go on with these stories of how I wanted to f*** my step mom so bad back in high school but that was a while ago. Usually I am away from home because of college but this year I have spent all my time locked up with my family. since I am inside all the time I wear sweet pants in the house and in the past 2 months I have noticed that my step mom checks out my bulge when she gets the chance. I started to notice her do this when I would get up from the table or just be standing around the house. When I catch her it turns me on that she is looking and I hope that she is getting off thinking about me.

when I go outside to run some errands I am still usually wearing sweat pants because I know I'm not going to be outside for long. Before I go, I ask to see if anyone needs anything from the store. I don't like to remember things to buy because I will probability forget about it so if anyone wants me to buy some thing I either take a picture of what they want me to get or they text me the name of it.

well recently I was deleting some old photos of food items that I needed to get, and in one of them i noticed my step mom was crouching down by the freezer in the background eye level at my crotch not even three feet away from me looking at my bulge. This photo is like a gem to me and has helped me notice that she will usually try to look at my bulge when she is crouching as I have recently caught her again glancing at my package.

Apr 18, 2021

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