First time I licked my 18 yr old wife's bottom

(this isn't about **-** a is as the title says. Kissing & licking bottoms. In the real world - NOT every man or woman wants to ** **.)
This sexual experience was with my 18 yr old ** blonde wife in southern California. We were 18 yr old newlyweds.
One sunny day we took a shower together. She stood before me as I dried her off...slowly, enjoying every part of her young tight body! Drying her glistening light brown pubic triangle....and "Spread your legs, honey"....gently up between her legs, along her pink folds.
Then she did me. Gentle with my ** and between my cheeks.
By the time we were finished - we were both pretty **. I was stiff and throbbing up and down., which she made fun of. But she was moist, too....and I could smell it - her! She actually tastes as good down there as does her other wet mouth... wonderful!
Then she did something unusual....she lay on her tummy on our big soft bed....and spread her legs just a little. Just a tiny more than is 'lady-like' :-) The cutest naked blonde girl with those SoCal tan lines. Her perky & pale un-tanned ** cheeks, with a couple typical small adolescent blemishes! ..which embarrassed her. They only proved how young she was.
I spent time walking around our apt., naked too, doing things, glancing at her and this strangely suggestive pose for a young naked girl...
Finally, I could no longer take looking at this 5'8" 125 lb blonde with the cutest tight little **....and her legs spread innocently - but brazenly - offering me a view of her vaginal cleft and little pink bud of a ** hole....!
I gave up resisting my newly formed desire to put my face between her sweet young cheeks and french kiss and make love to her ** hole with my mouth!
I climbed on the bed and crawled between her legs. I took my pillow, and said, "lift up!" tugging at her hips and slid my pillow under her......making a lovely offering of her sweet young bottom!
She said, "what're you doing?"....but I noticed she very willingly lifted her ** up for me! I said, " I want to kiss you here.." and gently rested a ** directly on her ** hole.
I waited....
"ohhh...." she said softly and pushed her face down into our bed. Waiting...
I leaned in and gently spread her bottom so that I could get my first good close look at my child-wife's hole. She was closed tightly. And I could see that she was actually flexing it closed then relaxed, then tight! I breathed on it and watched it. She was shy, turned on, and shy by turns. And so I witnessed as her hole clinched and relaxed, then clinched again!
It was soo ** to watch .....her young female brain sending signals down to her little virgin flower. "Yes. No! Yes!"
I just watched her hole doing this until she finally gave up the exercise....and relaxed her young cheeks in my hands. I gently spread her **...
Then I leaned in, putting my face between those young cheeks, and spent the next half hour gently making french love to her ** hole with my mouth and tongue.
Eventually she stopped rhythmically pushing her mound down into the pillow... and slid her hand down between her legs to ** her ** while I drove my tongue in and out, pressing my face in hard!
I stayed in her ** as this young woman built to one of her amazingly girlish ** - with the tiniest squeal into her pillow, **....! as she captured my face between her cheeks!
Me, I shot my ** into the bed as I tried to get my breath in her ** crack :-)! I was 18 for pete's sake!
There are few things better than laying between an 18 yr old's thighs, stoking her bare sides and hips while you look up her sleek back with your face buried between the mounds of her sweet young bottom - causing her to make mewling female noises and squirming and clenching - openly showing that she is really loving what you're doing to her bottom!
After a nap - she mounted me - then we had tacos! Kids.

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