I hate homeless people.

I live in a small town in Oklahoma. We only have two homeless people where I live as far as I know. One guy,this program that helps with housing has helped him out with a house but it wasn't long before he was without a home all because he didn't want to pay rent or utilities. The other homeless man was offered a low rent apartment that goes by your income. Both men draw disability. This man,he didn't want to pay $220.00 a month. Usually, old 2-3 bedroom one bath houses are around $700 to $900 a month yet these dumb ass men don't want to pay less than half that amount. Why are they still homeless? Drugs? Because they're dumb? I don't know but I do know it won't do any good trying to help them out when they won't take the help. They expect others to keep dishing out money to them so to me if they want to play that game then they can just F****** freeze to death or starve to death. I don't give a s***. I have tried but it does no damn good.

Nov 8

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  • You sound like you have emotional issues. That's no reason for you to hate them. It may be a reason for you not to want to help. But why would you hate them for something that doesn't effect you personally? You have inner issues you need solving.

  • You say it doesn't affect us personally, but it does, taxpayers have to pay for homeless people. If a homeless person OD's or something taxpayers have to pay for the medical bills. I dont know about other countries, but that is how it is in the United States. Most homeless people make poor life choices that lead to them becoming homeless.

  • Idk dude, they might have mental problems. You write and reason like a teenager who only understands the world and its inhabitants from what other people tell you. Maybe some day somebody you know will go down a similar path. I hope it isn't you, you'd get raped.

  • Vaginamobile!

  • It's not their fault they can't pay the rent and bills. No matter how long the rent is people gotta give the hand outs. Don't you feel sorry for them? You should and you and everyone should give him money. It's not their fault they homeless its because people not giving them money!! They need their disability checks to buy beer and drugs. It's their money!! You and the others need to give them a hand

  • Do your part and f*** a homeless guy.

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