Rodeo hijinx

My husband and I were at my moms cabin last summer and I heard from the neighbours that there was a rodeo going on in town, My husband and I live 3 hours from the cabin but the small town not far away was having a rodeo and I wasn't too interested in the actual rodeo part but...Hey, there was a beer gardens hahah.
My mom offered to watch the kids if we wanted to go so I dug out my best "Western" apparel I had on hand and told my husband we had to go to the clothing store in town and see if they had boots, I had a Bra and Thong, Denim skirt and tank top and I bought boots and a hat so I was set, We headed to the rodeo, Had supper, A couple drinks, Watched a couple events and then the beer gardens started getting going. It had to be 11:00 or so and we were really having a great time, Met a few couples and were dancing and drinking and then they fired up the mechanical bull....Oh boy.
So here is me: 39, 5'3", Mom of some kids, 130ish pounds, Smallish b****, Round booty which my husband says is my best "Ass"et and my husband says I have great legs, Zero stretch marks, Blue eyes, Redish, Dirty blonde hair, Freckly and I love my vag, (I know I am not supposed to brag but...). It's a full innie, with no inner l**** showing ever, Just small, Pink and in my opinion perfect.
My husband was urging me to hop on the bull and I was laughing "Tee hee, No dear, I couldn't" and then BAM, I'm on the bull. The guy running it was a pro, He had it twisting and bucking just enough to make my skirt ride up and show my butt and it was all funny and whatever, I got bucked off and and my husband was laughing, A couple other girls rode it and then they started offering prizes, so BAM....I'm suckered in and back on the bull, I was on and my butt was out in the open and then they stopped the bull and another girl jumped on, I was like "Oh shiiiit", She hopped up on the bull facing me, Laughing out loud and hugged me, She said "I'm Vannah", I said "I'm Jas" and the bull started rocking gently back and forth.
The whole crowd was cheering, She was laughing, I was laughing, She had her hands on my hips and mine on hers then the guy on the microphone said something about skin to win and holy h***, Off came her top and she's grabbing my top, I was like "Uh...No...I am not going topless against you", She was beautiful, like mid 20's, No way she was even 30, Shoulder length blonde hair, Humongous natural b**** and a rockstar body, She had her arms around me and popped my bra, Peeled it off and tossed it, I was thinking "Oh gawd, Everyone is gonna see my saggy b****" and I don't even remember what my thoughts were but my arms went up, Tank top went flying and there I was.
Holy crap, I have messed around with friends, Flashed my b****, Yada, yada but this was a bit more, I had drank quite a bit and didn't even think about the cameras in the crowd, Obviously every person had a smart phone and my husband later said every one of them was out taking pics and video but I was more focused on trying to keep handsy Vannah from molesting me, She had no reservations and had her hands on my b****, She was telling me, Good gawd you're gorgeous and kissing me, Ok, I wasn't trying super hard obviously but she was way more gropy than me, She grabbed my hands and put them on her b**** and the whole crowd cheered and I was like "Oh my gawd they're amazing", I don't even know how long we were up there but he was making sure we didn't get bucked off.
The bull leaned way back and I put my hands back to catch myself, and she leaned forward and BAM...My nip, Her mouth and my eyes almost popping out of my head. On and on it went and her nips ended up in my hands and mouth, Her hand was up under my skirt and mine under hers, She had for sure one finger in me, Possibly two but I think just one and she wasn't wearing panties so I had just slid a finger in her under her skirt and lost focus and next thig I knew we were both on the inflatable surround. We laughed and got our tops on, My husband had my bra so I went without one the rest of the night, We kissed and went our separate ways.
I think I won a hat or something for letting a girl finger me and letting about a hundred locals take pictures and video of the whole thing. We were having a couple more drinks and had decided to head back to the cabin, We walked to the car and my husband looked over as we went through the parking lot and said "Isn't that your friend?", I looked and laughed and said "Haha, Ya", Just then she noticed us and she waved and said "hey...Come here", We walked over to her and she kissed me, Just straight up grabbed me and kissed me, I looked around and there was no one close so I kissed her back. I don't even remember what order things happened in but me and her ended up on the hood of a car, Me sitting, Her standing and Oh shiiiit, She dropped, Like just BAM and she was on her knees, My skirt over her head and she licked me, My husband said I was just like 'Oh dang, What the FFFFFF" and then I leaned back, My husband said he was in disbelief sine I had never gone beyond maybe grabbing a friends b**** or something.
I came, No two ways about it I came, Sitting on a strangers car hood, Or maybe hers I have no idea but I was laid back with my husband holding me so I didn't have to concentrate on that and geezus, Just came...So weird. Then I went into freak mode, I was like "Geezus...we need a hotel room or something", She said "I live 2 blocks away", My husband threw us in the car, Drove like a mad man and we burst in the door, Clothes flying and holy crapola, Me and her, Me and him, Him and her, Me and her and him, Him and her and me and we didn't quit till the sun came up.
The drive home was quiet, but...Not tense, Just...Quiet, We got back mid morning, Mom had the kids fed, My husband powered through the day and took them boating and I stayed back and napped until noon then they picked me up, We boated, We beached, We went back to the cabin and had supper, tucked the kids in and mom went to bed, We crawled into bed and I had intentionally not looked at my phone all day, I actually didn't even bring it on the boat. Me and my husband talked and had s** and then talked some more and I picked up my phone, 23 messages and one from just a number, I checked the rest an looked at him, He said "Go ahead, Check it".
I opened it and my heart fluttered a little and he looked at me, I handed him the phone, He read it and handed it back. The message read "Hey Jas, Just wanted to message you and let you know that I had an amazing time and if you are ever so inclined to message me back I would love to talk to or see you/Both of you again sometime". I asked him if I should respond to be polite and he kissed my forehead and said "I love you and trust your decisions" and rolled over. Well, I did message her back, Chatted for like an hour and 3 days later I went to town for groceries, I did tell her I would be in town and she met me at the store, We walked and shopped for about 10 times longer than necessary and then exchanged a small kiss in the freezer aisle and I went back to the cabin, Mom noticed right away that I was out of sorts and asked if I was ok, I told her I almost hit a cow and then my husband met me in the bedroom, I told him I wanted to go see her again and he put his stamp of approval on it, I went back to town and told mom I was going to see a friend who was in the area and I stayed until almost 2:00 am.
I snuck back in, ravaged my husband and he had to go home for 5 days the next morning, He returned on the Friday evening and I surprised him by being seated at the fire sitting across from Vannah and he looked surprised but pulled it together and said "Hi", She kissed him and went inside to "Use the washroom" and we had a quick talk, My mom was gone that weekend and we had all the kids tucked in, We all went for a walk down the beach and we stopped at the marina, My husband did her from behind while she went down on me, We have since made 25 trips to see her since summer ended and we have started to discuss her moving to where we live since she has some flexibility in where she could find work and my husband does not. I don't know if it will happen but there is a condo complex 2 blocks away she could live in.

27 days

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  • Great story. My hubby and I have been having s** with our neighbor for 16 years now. I met her in a mothers group when my son was 6 months. He is now 21.

    We started “enjoying” each other’s company and then after a few years and many drinks at the pool we ended up together.

    I love watching him pound Andrea. She is petite and my hubby is hung like a horse.

    I love licking her clean when he is done filling her with c**.

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