Bad Experience

This sounds terrible, and I still wonder how it happend. I felt like a robot, like I couldn't control what I was doing at the time. Let me start off by saying that i'm gay. I have been in an amazing wonderful relationship of almost 3 years with the best guy ever.

We went up north this past memorial day and my teenage cousin (boy), was there. We ended up sleeping in the same room for whatever reason. I was feeling h**** and the conversation turned to s**. He then told me to "come get" his d***. Somehow this excited me, and I proceeded to give him oral s** which turned into a*** s**. He came inside me and went to bed. I felt used and sick and felt like I cheated on my boyfriend. Now here I sit with the guilt.

I know it sounds horrible, I didn't mean for it to happen and if I go back I would change it. But I can't. I've asked God for forgiveness, and feel like my boyfriend doesn't need to know, because it will only hurt him. I vow to never do anything like this again, with anyone!!!

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  • I'm not against gay people but what you did was wrong because he was your family and that is just sick and he was younger then you which makes you a pedophile and you cheated on your boyfriend. Don't kill yourself, live with the pain and guilt and suffering every day of your long miserable life.

  • Now that the gay lifestyle is mainstream, we can safely dispense with the "gay = saintly" idiocy. The news is out-- gay people are just as human as everyone else, yay! The flip side of that is that, wonder of wonders, that means they can also be petty, jerkish, disloyal, inappropriate... everything from mildly questionable to outright assholish. And you don't get to play the gay card anymore when you're called on it either! Welcome to social acceptance, muthafukkas! LOL


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