I regret telling my wife of my ** side.
I wish I was normal. Vanilla. But alas I had some ** thoughts and desires. Stuff that turned me on.
I wish I'd never told her.
Actually I wish I'd never told her anything other than simply telling her I love her.
Every confession.
Every sharing of internal desire was another reason for her to build disdain.
Another nail in the coffin of our mariage.

Dec 8

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  • No man should be this sexually oppressed. If you feel this badly, and you consider it to be another nail in the coffin, maybe you should consider divorce. Living in an oppressive relationship can lead to all sorts of mental and ultimately physical health issues. Remember, one day you will pass away just like all of your ancestors before you. When you take your final breath, will you feel as though you have lived your life to it's fullest potential? If your wife will not hear you, leave her. Find yourself a nice submissive Filipina women who will be submissive to you. Life will be good.

  • Bro. You were doing well until you mentioned Filipinas, lol. They are extremely stressful and expensive in the long run. Avoid. The 'submissive' performance is all an act.

  • Dont marry the maid. Pump her and dump her. Filipinas are more expensive, you have to spend on her stupid cretin family.

  • Sorry to hear about your painful situation. Women are a tricky breed we even fool ourselves sometimes.

  • As several people already said, best find a side piece. It is ridiculously easy to find a woman online. Personally I have a burner phone that never leaves my vehicle, I use a fake name and everything. Just find a side woman and work out whatever kinks you have with her..

    Divorce **, and it's always cheaper to keep her

  • Wrong! Don't be a ** and cheat. Act like a man.

  • Easy for you to say when in marriage the woman has all the control. Let's face, the system is rigged against men. If I divorce my wife because she won't perform, I lose everything. More men are waking up to the fact that marriage is a scam. It's not healthy for a man to allow an ungrateful succubus to control him. If this man has any sense he will go out and pound mounds just like nature intended. It's his right as a man to go out and f*** whoever is willing. Live you best life OP. Don't let these females hold you back from living your best life.

  • My wife doesn't know that side of me. My affairs have been with much younger women(I am 63) and all have had "daddy issues" or like to roleplay in that aspect. Keep it a secret and find a mistress who can satisfy your kink side. Plenty out there trust me!

  • I'm cringy. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • You are right about plenty out there. I'm 60 and have no problem getting laid or a quick bl#w Job.

  • Me so cringe. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • I am a man of kinks. Wish I had not let out my inner desires too. Sometimes coke will do that to you!

  • I sniff lines a coke and then eat ** woohoo waahaa haahaa ha!

  • #metoo
    This is exactly me. Wow.

  • My name is Joe Biden and I reek of **!

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