Don't stop

We're laying in bed when last I get her to start jerxking me off. Then I grab her head( which she hates) and push her down to my coxk. It starts out slow letting her do the work. But I must confess I like a more aggressive bj. I put her head on my stomach and hold her head there while I start to throat fuxking her. She pulls away as I yell her not to move. Thrusting deep in her throat now. I can tell she doesn't like it but I'm not stopping. Going deeper and faster I can feel her spit dripping everywhere. I grab her head and push I'd all the way as I unload telling that bitxh to take it all in her mouth. I tell her to swallow it all but she pulls up and runs to the bathroom to spit it out.

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  • It's a story I made up stupid. I'm aggressive and do some of this but my wife likes it and actually asks me to do it sometimes because she knows it make me happy. Because I do things that make her happy too. If you think a by of these stories on her are real your more gullible that you think.

  • That's exactly how i ain't to be f*****, i don't know why everyone is complaining

  • That’s what we call a married rapist, and rape by deception

  • You sound like a type of guy who is shot in the ear while sleeping. Wife gets revenge.

    A married rapist. When you have sexual stimulation you run to rape your wife. Some days you wake up feeling extra rapeý.

    Are you gas lighting her?

  • Good, b****** need a good hard f****** to put them back in their place. If more guys would man up and f*** their b****** like this, we wouldn't have all these b****** running around in their pink p**** hats.

  • If more guys did that, there would be MORE of the so called “b*tches running around in pink hats” so your argument is invalid

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