Gilt about what ime doing for my dad

My dad is out of work i am at home on my long college break, so we are together a lot, he was up stairs i was going up to the toilet when i heard the sound of dad breathing heavily , i walked into his room, he had his pants down stood in front of the mirror wanking he was shooting his sperm , i walked out embarrassed he came after me and apologised and said he did it because mum was frigid, he asked if i could help out as he didn't want to have an affair
with another woman, he said he only wanted a hand job, so did it the next but it went further a b******* the full s**, i am legally ole enough but its morally wrong, but it still do it because i want to for him and me. am i really bad

Dec 22

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  • Your both adults only you can decide if it is wrong.

  • There is nothing wrong with it if it's what you both want.x

  • Nothing wrong with 2 adults in a concentual encounter.

  • You are not. He’s just a man with a need and you are a caring woman. I’m in a similar boat myself, it’s my father in law though. He just got widowed and is in need of a lot of care. He moved with us and is using our guest room downstairs. I’m in charge of putting him to bed. My husband is very appreciative of what I’m doing for his dad.

  • It does your hubby know you are “serving” his father?

  • We live in modern times so I see no problem in what you did.incest I think like homosexuality(wich to was once ilegal) should be legalised.Use contraception though

  • Give it to him it's more natural than you think

  • No you are not. Both my stepdaughters pleased me almost every night. Let it all out

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