My life sucks. im Fouteen now, when was teen my dad throw me down the stairs cuse my brother told me to get the wrong vacume. every one whoever really loved me died. except my mother who sometimes yells t me in till i think she is about to die. one time i gave up and just sat three trying to strangle my self. i would be dead if my dad hadn't opened the door. good thing he wasn't looking.

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  • Do they teach english in school anymore?

  • It gets better. Time will kill you eventually. We all die. May as well make the best of what you have and live out this life on earth. Life is what you make it. Depression is can also be cool because then you can listen to sad music and feel emo. Thats fun in its own way. Those faggots (like your dad) who treat you bad will eventually get some bad karma hopefully.

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