Wife flashes truckers

My wife loves wearing summer dresses with no panties when we go on road trips. She started hiking her dress up and would cover up when we passed a trucker. I got her real h**** one road trip, and was reaching over playing with her p****, and when we approached a trucker she didn't coverup and kept her legs apart to I matched the truckers speed and let him look. My wife got super wet and had an o***** right then. Now when we go on road trips she never covers up, and gets h**** as h*** knowing she let her kitty displayed. It makes my d*** hard knowing she gets excited and has added a tremendous amount of fire in our s** life.

Feb 28, 2022

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  • Wife loves doing it too, but it's been several years. She liked showing off her t*** and ass.

  • I love this story. I'm a man and do the same with panties on. Love to put on a little show.

  • Recently on holiday, I woke to the sound of workmen outside the window, trying to get a look at my sexy wife naked on top of the bed, so I walked over and opened the curtains wide and gave them a wave, then I put my hands on my wife's bum and spread her cheeks wide apart so they could see her p**** and bumhole, then I started to lick my wife's ass with 4 men right outside window, then she looked up and said, you do realise there's guys watching, and I said yes let's give them a show, and she laughed and said OK, and she got up and walked over to the window and bent down and pulled her cheeks wide apart and said who would like to w*** on my ass, and 2 guys said we will, so she opens the door and said OK get them out then boys, and they both took out big fat c****, and she got so excited and said look honey it's your fantasy, your wife holding two fat c****, and I said would you like to f*** them, because I would love to watch, and she smiled and said let's have some fun,

  • A girl I dated loved riding shotgun completely naked. She reclined the seat all the way down and lay naked in my 87 cutlass 442 with the t-tops off. I would have full range to grab her body. I would quickly pass truckers to give them a quick look. She never moved. So I caught up to a commercial bus, like a grey hound, drove along the side pacing a bit for the passengers to get a good look. She just smiles and says I can't believe you did that.

  • My wife kinda does that, too. She started out by pulling her shorts down (no panties) and knees wide apart as we passed the truckers. Now she has nothing on with seat back down and legs on the dash. Has led to some exciting times.

  • X- Trucker

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