Caught wife cybering

I found out my wife has an account on a s** chat site, and cybers with other men. So as revenge, I opened an account on there under a different name and sent her a message. After some small talk, she started to ask s** questions and how hot she was for my c***. At first I was going to just get some proof and confront her but it got me very aroused hearing her talk to me like that knowing she didn't know who I was. So instead, I have chatted with her more. We have had group chats with other guys, and I love hearing them tell me how slutty my wife is for them with them not knowing she's my wife too. I'm trying to find other ways to trick her. Any suggestions?

Aug 11, 2020

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  • Get her to tell you her desires online then some time in the future bring up to her that you have a desire to try something new at home and see if she will go along.

  • Dude, you have a key to her naughty side! Find out what she really wants, desires, what's missing etc... Then be the best thing she ever had! It's kinda creepy but if you use this for the right reasons you will be absolved of all sins my son. (Yes I'm ordained) good luck!

  • I like to share pics of my wife with others would love to see yours email me at

  • I will not share my wife with you. Don't ask me no more

  • Nothing wrong with many people are way to "Stuck up" let her enjoy, and me open minded about her sexuality, try to communicate to her about it....the rewards for you would be countless if you could get on the same page concerning her desires ....obviously she has a sexual imagination or fantasy....and that is healthy....I Let my wife play...

  • Start hinting things you like ex fav person that one in particular would make her feel.guilty

  • Sent your closeup c*** pictures and see whether she could recognize it

  • Dude, just talk with her. In real life, sitting in your living room or wherever you’re most comfortable. Not your bedroom. Tell her what you’d seen, then ask her what it is she’s missing from your marriage, what she most needs. It’s not the most comfortable conversation to be having, for either of you, but determine what it is she most needs that she hasn’t yet gotten.

  • Why you let that wife of yours do that.

  • You should get her to confess some secret unfulfilled kink that's in her mind. Then at some time in the future, make it come true for her in real life.

  • I agree... And you can add any kink you want to try with her

  • Just curious what site is she on mike?

  • Not really wanting to announce that. email if u want that information.

  • Would you like her to be with another man for real?

  • Possibly. That is hot to imagine. Not sure if she would though.

  • Absolutely not??

  • Take nude pics of her and see if she will send them to you alias

  • Ask her if her husband was more adventurous would it help?
    Women need their secrets.
    I bet s** has been great lately!?

  • Basically get her to admit stuff online she won't tell you herself. Get her to post pics and vid if you can, even if it doesn't show her face

  • I think the hottest thing would be to get her to bed her 'unsuspecting' husband on web cam

  • A weak a$$ man

  • If that what you want to got for it set her up to be f***

  • I wish my wife was adventous like this. Ask her questions about her husband. You are so lucky

  • You and your wife is stupid

  • Why

  • Why what. I'm not going to repeat

  • I got so hard reading this by the way😉

  • Nice

  • You should leave your wife or change that post you wrote

  • Nice

  • I say punch her in the face.

  • That's real creative of you

  • Nah. Just kick her straight in the cooch.

  • Well, straight to the point.

  • Just get to the point. And stop wasting time

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