Finally getting the discipline I need

From a young age I have been turned on by the thought of being spanked by a woman. My wonderful wife and I have been married over thirty years and during that time she has, on occasion, agreed to spank me when I ask, but always playfully as part of foreplay and nothing too serious. But in the past few months something has changed and I consider myself extremely fortunate. A few months ago I wrote her an email and told her how much I enjoy when she punishes me, sexually yes but also psychologically. Somehow it's comforting and helps me, at least temporarily, give up control and surrender to the moment. Somehow I was able to make her understand and she agreed to start spanking me on a regular basis. This is a fantasy come true. The routine is every Sunday morning is punishment time. She will wake up and come to the kitchen where I have coffee waiting for her. Although we both know what's coming we act like it's a normal morning, nothing out of the usual. After she has her coffee and does her social media scrolling she'll tell me to go get the paddle. We have a wooden paddle that is not too heavy and not too light that I keep in the night stand drawer. I will retrieve the paddle and bring it to her. I have to offer it to her handle first. She will then either tell me to strip and bend over the counter or, she will tell me to bend over and she will pull down my pajama bottoms and underwear. She pulls them all the way down to make sure I feel completely exposed. Then the paddling begins. She does not hold back or warm me up, it's all business. It really hurts but I take my punishment like a good boy because I know I deserve it. I usually get about 100 licks. The last 10 are especially hard to make sure I get the point of the spanking which is to remind me to be a good boy for the next week and to remember my place in our marriage. Even though my ** is literally blistered I am usually quite turned on but no ** is allowed, that's for another time. This is punishment time only. The other really exciting part of this is she told me after the last spanking that she's starting to get into it and enjoy spanking me. Up until then she would do it for me as a favor but it hasn't been her thing. My hope is we can take it to the next level and in addition to the weekly reminders she will start to give me punishment spankings in the moment, when I disobey or am disrespectful to her.

Dec 29

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