I filmed six women In high heels Flooring a Chevy Corvette

Where what and right now. I don't have much time Her conversation was short and sweet. I turned around headed to Bahama Breeze the place she was eating lunch and wanted me to meet her at in 15. I made it there in breath taking time. I noticed this bad ** Corvette with the convertible top down. It was the exact model I wanted. I enter the Bahama Breeze and this very ** woman in her late 40's is sitting right there at the bar hardly anyone was in the place. She yell's out something about he is timely very timely must have been down the road or staying at the hotel. I walked up to her and responded with " This is my town I know the roads. Hi am Sean" I reach out to shake her hand and she grabs my hand and uses it to get up from the bar. I hope your not hungry, she walks out and I got a better look at her she was ** she had a really nice figure. She had on a black business suit like dress it was about to the knee she had on pantyhose and black pumps with shiny high heels she was slightly taller than me . My heart dropped down into my stomach when she approached the Corvette. She paused for a moment and pointed out my car "that's your car" it looks like something you would drive! She turns off the alarm on the Corvette and the doors unlock she says get in. The moment I sat down in the passenger seat she starts up the Corvette and gives it a couple revs the engine sound was amazing in the parking garage. I put my seat belt on and am looking at her and she looks at me and gives it more revs even louder this time. I'm taking you back to my hotel room to go over everything the Hyatt across the street but she makes a right and floors the Corvette. The Corvette took off faster than anything I had ever rode in. It was an endless stomach drop. She slowed down and made a right into the boat ramp, parking lot and service road access. She parks in the middle of the parking lot and says your friend asked me to have you film him some pedal pumping revving check your phone message you got your camera?. I pull out two of my Camera and I look at my phone and there was a text message from my friend. He tells me what he wants the drivers door open and her revving it hard as she can if she will. My stomach got butterflies in it the moment I read the text. He also added ask her to take the heels off and rev a little bit with just her pantyhose. I froze for a moment and she grabbed the phone out of my hand. I get out and walk around to the front of the car. I film exactly what he wanted it was 7 minutes long. I go to get back in the car and her heels are on the passenger seat. She looks at me and revs the corvette full throttle ask me to bring those around and put them on for her. I bend down a little and she brings her feet out and it just happened. Before I could put the shoes on her feet her foot rubs on the outside of my pants and she says the most ** thing to date at that time "your gas pedal needs some revving " Pull your ** out " Just like the gas pedal in my corvette " I like this one better" after a while she puts her foot down and grabs it with her hand and jerks me off right there I ** within a few moments after she grabbed it with her hand. She revs the Corvette a little bit more and I feel myself ** some more as I got into the passenger seat. She never puts the heels on we get back to her Hotel and go to her room and she gives me a big envelope with all kinds of paperwork. As I glanced through it I knew exactly what it was. I look up from the paperwork and she is taking her clothes off and tells me to come over here. We start having ** with her bending over the edge of the bed and ending with her on top she had her pantyhose on and they were designed with a nice opening to enter without pulling them down. I often forget how amazing they felt rubbing up against my body. I laid back on the bed and she was already back to business asking me for my drivers license. She gave my info to her assistant and then instructed me to do the same for each of the drivers I film.
She gave me an envelope with the shoot money and handed me the key to the Corvette. She said well, you got the shoot instructions in the folder with the paperwork. What else do you need ? Your good get out of here and see you on Monday.

Dec 29

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