Pantyhose experience

As early as I can remember I had a natural gravitation towards pantyhose and nylons. I believe is was first from watching mother putting on pantyhose. I would find pantyhose in the laundry basket and touch and feel them - it was intriguing. However, I do remember the first day around age of 5 that I actually tried on my first pair of pantyhose. At the young age of 5 the experience was a riveting, blissful, ** experience. At this young age the sheer hose felt so good on my legs, body, and ** that I started to get small erections although I never ** until I was a teenager. I was hood from age 5 and have gained and explored my fetish throughout the years. From that point in I continued to steal them from my mother’s pantyhose drawer, dress in them at night, then return them to her Dresser when she wasn’t looking. I also enjoyed Sundays at church where I could always look at women’s legs wrapped in pantyhose. I also loved to go friends houses and almost certainly every time I would find a way to sneak into their mother’s bedrooms and/or laundry rooms to raid their pantyhose drawers or laundry baskets. As I grew older, I would then steal pantyhose whenever I got the chance. I I began to accumulate a Noah stash of hose- in all shapes, colors, sizes and denier. I was around the age of 12 when I had my first **. Although, I was not in hose at the time, I thought to myself how that must truly feel one I was in pantyhose. I promptly stole a coffee colored 10 denier pair of ‘lace panty’ pantyhose from my mothers dresser drawer and layers down on my bed rolling my feet and legs with nylon against my bed sheets. I rolled over and dry humped the bed with the most blissful experience of having my ** enshrouded with lacy soft, nylon energized by the rubbing and swishing of the bedsheets. I left the largest load in the pantyhose- dripping through the pantyhose and onto on my bed! I was in heaven and this became an daily addiction, although I did have to figure out how not to leave my load in my moms’s pantyhose as she was eventually sure to find out I was using her pantyhose to ** off. I never missed an opportunity to add to my pantyhose stash. Through high school I attended numerous house parties where on most occasions I waited for everyone to begin to get drunk then ‘excuse’ myself to the restroom as an excuse to sneak into mothers or sisters pantyhose drawers. This nefarious activity was intoxicating for me, especially whenever I would land jackpot and add to my pantyhose collection. I would fold up the nylon treasure nicely and place in my pockets or inside my underwear as to not present too much of a bulge in my pocket. I never was busted stealing pantyhose, but there were some very close calls. In some cases I couldn’t wait to get home and I would have to try on the pantyhose. I would use the bathroom and wear them under my jeans. The closest I can to being caught was when I then hooked up with a girl after I had trued in my new pantyhose. I never fully took my pants off, so I believe it appeared that I just had normal ‘blue’ underwear on. We made it a quickie, fully clothed hook up. Once out of high school I learned to by my own pantyhose from anywhere that sold them. I additionally swiped pantyhose from girls dorm rooms in college when presented the opportunity. My love affair with pantyhose still persists to this day and currently wearing a pair of West Loop Sheet regular, beige pantyhose from Walgreens. They are very sheer, but soft, and very comfortable under my sweatpants.

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