I'm a pantyhose pervert

Ever since I can remember I've had a fetish for pantyhose. ** too. In the 60's pantyhose were starting to get popular. Stockings were still popular too. The miniskirt was very popular and when the girls wore garters and stockings one was sure to see sme **. The girls always wanted to look older than they were so if they wore nylons they were obliging by also wearing short dresses. If you saw any dark nylon tops you knew garters were next. If you were lucky you actually saw some silky ** too. The pantyhose came into popularity soon afterwards. I began initially with stockings until pantyhose got more popular. Sneaking into mom's room I would carefully look for something silky to fondle. My sister had more enjoyable lingerie though. At first i had never even smelled a ** before although I was told there is nothing sweeter smelling. (Or tasting) With no one home i curiously was looking through the clothes hamper and alas I found some nice **. They must have been my older sisters ** because they were made of soft silky nylon. The gusset was noticeably strained. I brought them up to my face. The pungent scent of fresh ** was intoxicating. I inhaled deeply. I nearly ** ! Looking further i found a all sheer pair of pantyhose too. Nicely moist, I immediately went up to my room and put them on. My hairy legs were not very pretty looking so later I took the time to shave my legs completely. I was hooked. I was too tall to wear mom's pantyhose or my sister's nylons so i bought some sheer energy pantyhose in size "Q". I couldn't wait to put them on. My legs nicely smooth I carefully slipped on the shiny pantyhose on my legs. I looked so ** in them. I stood up adiming my silky legs with a conciderable ** too. I eventually found a girlfriend who accepted my pantyhose fetish and didn't mind if I wore them. It was so sensuous-I had her wear her pantyhose when we had **. I cut openings in the gusset so my ** could poke out and also her pantyhose so my ** could enter her ** through our nylons. The feeling of our bodies encased in silky pantyhose was so **. Usually we engaged in some ** foreplay with the inclusion of some ** high heels as well. I enjoyed going shopping with her in the intimate appairal isle. She would touch something and if I wanted it I would nod my approval. She worked as a makeup artistt and she did my face perfectly. After dressing up and makeup I looked incredibly feminine. We made out carefully not to smear our face or snag our nylons. This went on for years. I took to wearing my pantyhose under my pants (** too) I didn't mind because we knew we were doing this for our pleasure. She did a light amount of makeup on me to make me look more feminine. At night we would drive around en fem. Totally feminine looking.

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I love watching tiedup women videos.

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