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I have had a fetish for pantyhose for a long time. Not exactly sure how long but more than a decade. It is not something that conquers my life or dominates my mind. However, when I see a woman (especially black women) wearing them it takes all my attention. I have never physically explored my pantyhose fetish with any of the women I’ve dated. Nerves and the possibilities of embarrassment usually took precedent. So I’m going to take you all on a three step journey. My pantyhose past/lifestyle, what’s my turn on, and impact/dream. I hope you relate and enjoy.

Past and lifestyle
None of the women I have dated knew of my interest in pantyhose. I know fetishes can make people feel a since of embarrassment, and that’s how I’ve felt. So ever since I have been aware of my fetish for pantyhose, I only indulge for self pleasure. I either buy the myself when I’m single or use the hose of my partner if she is a wearer. I only dated one woman who wore them often. She was my college girlfriend. Graduated before me and had a professional job and wore them for work. I don’t have many fond memories of our relationship, except for watching her put her pantyhose on in the morning (layering them in the winter) and pleasuring myself as I pressed her hose to my face inhaling her scent. And if I saw a pair with a run I would add it to my collection. However, women are very intuitive. I feel like she knew but did not know how to start a dialogue about it.
As far as my lifestyle goes, I’m a sometimes wearer. Not lately, but not super long ago. Wearing sheer pantyhose under jeans is a way better feeling than the boxer briefs I wear. And when I say pantyhose under jeans I mean just pantyhose. I prefer sheer to waist under jeans because control top is like wearing boxers. Also the taboo feel is exhilarating too. As a straight black man a walk with more confidence at times when I have some hose on. Then to come home and rub myself to climax through my pantyhose, is a great end to a day.

The turn on
Sheer is my favorite PERIOD, but I love seeing different colors on different skin types. Sheer hose and red painted toes get my attention immediately. Especially if the toes are peaking through a peep toe, or if I’m lucky enough to see sheer hose in sandal heels feet on full display. I must admit I’m a feet and toes guy too. But more specifically as a black man my preference is black women in pantyhose. Don’t get me wrong though all flavors of women catch a head turn from me in hose. However, there is something about a pair of Nubian legs and feet encased in sheer hose. I love black women in every color sheer hose. Though my favorite combos are sheer to waist black with red toes, or sheer to waist white with pink painted toes. That’ll get me h****** sight most times. But also something I love that I know some women hate is the swish sound of their pantyhose thighs. That sound is better than any music. The swishing sound is also the reason I prefer pantyhose over stockings. It makes me wish they were sitting on my face instead of the chair, or sliding their nylon feet across my face than dipping in and out of their shoes.

The existence of my pantyhose fetish has been mostly indulged online. I frequent many of the popular p*** site searching “Ebony pantyhose”, “Ebony feet”, “nylon footjob” and phrases similar. I would also spend a lot of time in free chat rooms. And over the years I met a few like minded women. Some of which I had some exhilarating phone s** with. However, the internet has been where I express myself the most. The fear of embarrassment from my fetish makes that my safe place. Though after so many years I’m ok with that. Having something that’s just yours, and not sharing it with people in your physical life is ok. That hasn’t stopped me from being fulfilled. Of course I have DREAMS of having a queen (black woman) that everyday allows me to caress her nylon legs, taste her nylon toes or pleasure myself against her sheer soles. It may happen or it may not, but have created ways over time to ensure I can always enjoy this fetish with another or on my own.

I hope you all could enjoy or relate. Please comment I love others thoughts and opinions.

Jul 12, 2020

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  • I think you have more like-minded fellows in common than you might imagine. I grew up when women wore pantyhose every day. Wouldn't be caught dead without them. As things changed and the bare legged look came along a great deal of class, style and beauty were lost. If today's women understood the sheer power and influence they have when wearing pantyhose, they would wear them every day. Ladies, men did not watch Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman because of her acting skills! Duh... Get the message?

  • I’m a male and have a fetish for pantyhose and stockings but I also love wearing them.

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