I try on jeans in clothing stores and wet them

When I’m feeling especially naughty, I like to go to clothing stores and find a tight pair of Levis, then try them on in the dressing rooms and completely soak them in my **. There are some unfortunate outlets along my way to visit family, and while I’m traveling I like to stop at them to defile a new pair of jeans. I’ve always loved wetting, but there’s a special kind of pleasure I get when I get to leave the cleanup for some unsuspecting stranger, at the expense of some uncaring retail company. I always drink copious amounts of liquid while I drive long distances, for the explicit purpose of getting myself delightfully desperate and ready to burst, then tear into the parking lot of one of these big stores, grab a few pairs of levi’s in my size and rush into the dressing rooms to use them as my own carpeted bathroom.

The dressing rooms in these outlets are usually being ignored by staff— seeing as how these stores have been pitifully understaffed anyways the past few years— and are just begging to be abused. There are no cameras on the ceilings to spot me on entry, there’s always a pile of discarded clothes in the corner perfect for hiding my defiled items, and the other customers are always too distracted by their last-minute holiday shopping to pay me any notice. Once the dressing room lock is turned, I take my pants and ** off and pull those Levi’s up tight— I love how the soft denim feels against my naked **. It’s usually throbbing from anticipation by that point anyhow. Sometimes I’ll even try on a nice pair of boots too. Maybe even a blouse if I can manage to hunt down a tasteful outfit before I lose control. Once everything is buttoned and zipped it’s time to admire myself in the mirror. I love the feeling of molten ** shooting up my fly and ** crack— to the waistband at both ends— across my thighs to the side-rivets in the pockets, down my legs in all directions… my bladder capacity is pretty big, so it always makes for a long, relieving, messy **. Mmmmmmmmmmm…..

I take my time getting redressed, dabbing myself dry with another piece of try-on clothing before donning my own clothes again. Then into the discard pile my soaking articles go. It’s just too easy.

Jan 3

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  • You are disgusting.
    There are many people who like wetting themselves. Some with and some without wearing diapers and that includes me. But it is not fair and reasonable for you to ruin other peoples property. Just wrong and disgusting.

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