Black Males Are Pathetic

I've never come a cross a weak ** bunch of males like black males. Always complaining but never doing. Always someone elses fault but never theirs. Always lying, cheating, abusing, never helping, leaving all races of women as single mothers. It's weird to see a bunch of men so weak that they'll dog out their own women just to get that tiny bit of acceptance from their true loves: the white man. Let's be honest black males want to be as close to white men as possible. Like ** bro. Desperate for that white male approval. What male would talk bad about their own women to men who don't even like you? Makes no sense. Their own women don't respect them because how could they. Look what they have to work with. I'm not gon write not all black men bleh cause there's enough that the rest of the world has taken notice. Where I'm from the men are masculine and known for being huge, and they are proud of the culture, ready to preserve it and all about the community and support the women. They are supported right back by the women in their lives and by the community. They are looked upon as the protectors. They command respect. I've met too many lovely black women in my line of work who are forced to be the men for their families and who are held back by weak ** black males doing nothing but demanding everything but giving ** all. ** is ** sad bro.

Jan 3

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This guy he likes to scam people harass them and threaten them

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  • Very much so to salt the wound, you'll already never be happy in life or get anything of value or worth out of your existence, with your hateful and vulgar sentiments. But also maybe look into a family history of mental illness, and see a psychologist. Hating entire groups of people because you make up an image in your own head like that is not only unhealthy, it's entirely out of touch with any basis of reality, and I'd really look into a family history of schizophrenia and mental illness if I were you. You have some very deep seated issues that you should probably work out if you ever want to be a healthy, balanced, and good human being.

  • Black men are some of the most emotional and effeminate men out there. they blame women for everything. they don't support their own women or children. you have to be weak to not do the basic man thing of protecting the most vulnerable. black men stay losing.

  • Of course they are. They think being strong means being gangster. They equate smarts and intellect with being weak, they date by trends that white men set (latinas are in trend so I'll have a child with one, girls with waist trainers are in trend I'll make 3 of them baby mamas, lighter skin is in and they actually make fun of darker skin black girls when some of them are just as dark, so they hate themselves) they have no self awareness, are extremely defensive, over emotional, they think strength means abuse, they are not loyal. I could go on but as someone from the outside looking in i agree. They are pathetic.

  • Unless you're black you really don't know what you're talking about, ** off

  • If that’s the best you can do, then you are pathetic. I don’t care what skin color you are.

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