Am I a target???

When I was 10 years old my moms dirt bag boyfriend ** me for the first time. I told my mom but she told me to keep quiet or we would not have a place to live. It went on for nearly a year when one day I was removed by the police and sent to live with a grandmother in another state. That lasted a minute. A dirt bag uncle (I had never met before) ** me. Given the fact I had been ** many times, it should not have been such a big deal. But he had a very large ** and my 11 year old body could not take it. I had bleeding and pain. Resulted in a hospital visit and more police involvement.
I spent the rest of my years in foster care. The family was very nice and home life was as normal as I could ask for. When I got to dating age and normal teen years "I" screwed up. I pick boy after boy to date that treated me like garbage. They were verbally and physically abusive. And as for **, I got ** whether I wanted to or not.
When I turned 18 I was stupid. I could have stayed in states custody and had some college paid for. But I went out on my own. Minimum wage jobs and couldn't make rent. I moved in with guys to keep a roof over my head. Ans as you can imagine, my ** was the rent. Again whether I wanted to or not.
After I finally got out on my own and managed to get into what some would call adulthood I have been ** twice. Both times I didn't report it to police.
I wonder what it is about me that guys seem to zero in on this? It seems they know they can do it without any worry about consequences???

Jan 6

Next Confession

She offered herself to me

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  • Sounds like something about you attracts DBs. There are some good guys out there, good luck.

  • You are the ONLY one that can stop it.
    Not the cops, nobody but YOU.
    buy pepper spray or a taser!
    Don't give up your body for self degradation sweetie. And don't give up on yourself. I have a friend who was abused by her father since she was 15. it still hurts her mentally and emotionally but she has therapy and me to confide in

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