My boss has been in my **

I'm married mom of two small children.
I worked at a day-care center at our local church.
My supervisor was a young good looking guy - well respected by the members.
I'd noticed him checking me out a number of times at work. But didn't think much of it. He's a bit of a flirt with all the mom's who work there. I'm not big busted- but guys seem to like the way I look in jeans. I once heard some female co-workers mentioning that I have a 'camel-toe'. ?? I asked my husband about it that night. He looked down at my snug Levis and suggested I go look in our full-length mirror. Ah, OK I think I see what he is talking about. But I can't help it. I have kind of a prominent mound down here - guys look a lot at the pool, too, but I didn't know my jeans were doing things there, too.
So, I'm in his office at church - which is back through a couple of others. We're talking about a program for the kids. I'm sitting on the edge of a table, when he comes around and slowly moves to stand between my knees. He's looking at me - in a way he shouldn't be - and I should have hopped off the table and walked out. But he's very masculine, younger than me and after 2 children it is kinda nice to have a man hitting on me. He's looking into my eyes, and then his mouth in gently on mine. I pulled back a little. He tries again, and this time his tongue is slipping past my lips...and he smells really great. Then he's got my face in his hands and ** I am full-on french kissing with a man I'm not married to! It is so hot, he pulls me off the table and is pressing himself against my front, fully - then his hands are at my jeans button. Then my zip is down and his large warm hand is sliding down into my **. He's still sucking on my tongue, or I'm sucking on his. I can have an ** nearly with just deep kisses! My hand on his chest...and he is down into my fur.. and now he's into ME down there with his **! He's grinding me, at least one ** is in me and he's pressing and moving on my **....and OMG i'm making wife noises in the mouth of my boss - and I'm on the edge of my naughtiest ** in years! He stuck his tongue in my ear, whispered "you know you want to!", and I c a m e! while gripping his sides for all my might.
I was .....stunned at what I'd just done.
He brought his hand to his face, the one that he used on me. I think he was smelling me, or tasting me! my husband does! he walked out of his office.
I zipped up - went to the ladies room and dried myself off down there, my face was red, my lips looked swollen from our kissing! I did what I could to look like a prim day-care working mom again. I stayed busy the last 3 hours at work.
I tried to tell my husband that night what had happened - but there was no way I could deny my part in it, so I chickened out. Nor is there any way I could continue to work at the church.
My husband is an ex Army veteran - he'd take that church supervisor and office apart if I told him.
I'm not stupid - I know what supervisor's often do with females under them - it's nearly happened before. But I was stupid that day.
Here's a foot-note. I quit w/o notice and took my kids to another day-care.
Soon after this I heard that he was congratulated by the whole congregation one Sunday morning service - for his new job at a local middle school.
Here's the kicker: a few months later 3 thirteen year old girls lodged a complaint to the school for his inappropriate touching. He was quietly fired.
I don't know or care what his standing is with that church any longer.
No way I could have gone to the church elders and confronted him with our inappropriate behavior on church property! I'm the ** - he was seduced by a lonely mother.

Jan 13

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  • Wow! That was sooo hot. You should have begged for more.

    I bet he is an incredible lover

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