Size Queen (male perspective)

Saw a confession on here about a woman who is not ashamed to admit she enjoys ** with a man who has a large **. It caused her relationship problems but she eventually worked it out.
I am a husband with an average **. Not big by any means, but not tiny either. This is the 2nd marriage for both of us. Until a few months ago all I really knew about my wifes first marriage was that her ex husband was verbally/physically abusive and treated her like **. But I always wondered and asked her, several times, "why did you stay with this guy for 10 years"??? I guess one day she got tired of me asking. We went out to the garage and went through a few boxes of her old stuff. She finally found an envelope. She opened it and handed me some pictures. And OMG! They were pictures of a naked man and he was hung like a circus elephant. It was her ex husband and there were pictures of him soft and hard. Soft it had to be 7-8 inches, and hard... I had to ask. She told me it was right at 11 inches long and it looked like a pringle can.
Over dinner she explained that she stayed with him simply because of his **. She went into detail about what a ** that size did to her and made her feel like during **. Again I had to ask a stupid question. Why are you with me, and my average to smaller **? She told me she loved me for who I am, not the size of my **.
I couldn't stop thinking about it. Over a few weeks during ** I brought up "big **" in ** talk and fantasy. It really seemed to make her hot and she returned the fantasies and talk. One evening I came right out and told her I would really like to see her have ** with a man hung like her ex. She saw that I really meant it and it started us seriously talking about it.
I went online and joined a swingers website. One evening we sat in front of the computer looking at profiles. We sent messages to several men in our state or a neighboring state within a reasonable distance. It made both of us so hot we had to take a break and have **.
We got several messages back and finally set up a hotel date. It was great! The guy was 10 inches, very thick and ** her like her was trying to ruin her **! It was amazing to watch. There was only one downside. She hadn't had anything that big in several years and she was pretty sore after. She took care of me in other ways of course.
Since then we have met several men and it has become a regular part of our ** life. And speaking as the husband I love it!

Jan 13

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  • If true, I can only say that some guys get all the luck...

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