Raising boys feminine

My wife is pregnant with a boy.
She is super excited and talks a lot about how we can raise him non binary. She's talking a feminine name and dressing him in girls clothes

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  • He’s a boy. Raise him as such. That’s how it f-ing works.

  • My son tried to do that a couple of times, and he was made fun of. Don't let that happen to him. The dress may look cute and pretty, but he will be laughed at.

  • I think the important things is to let the boy know that he is challenging the status quo and that people are threatened by difference. That way he is prepared for the teasing before it happens. The next thing is to make sure you are connected into a group of like minded people so he has supportive friends. Finally make sure you stick to your resolve and don't let him cave into the teasing.

  • Tell her to calm down. She needs to back off and let the kid decide for himself. Don't force it on him.

  • Disagree. Children should not choose.

  • This world gets more insane by the day, thank your biden

  • Maybe just let him be what he wants to be. Feminine boys are cool and all but like, if he doesn’t want to do that, let him be.. let him just hang out I think.

  • Ok groomer...

  • I agree with the guy a couple of comments back. This kid will be a target of guys and older men who want a confused boy for sexual fun.

  • You can raise him non binary in your heads but in the real world there are men and women, you sick LBGTIANZPWTF+#@ zir/them twats.

    If a child at some point discovers that he/she is gay/lesbian, that's fine. That's just how some people are. But you're making a frankenchild for the freak show, you pair of attention seeking nitwits.

  • The comments here show what you the parents and your son will experience. I think one of the most important things is to find some like minded families with kids who are doing and experiencing the same. You and your son will need that as a safe place to retreat to to recharge.

  • Very screwed up.

  • From the standpoint of an older man who is into CD's and panty boys I hope you allow your wife to do it. You will turn him into a cute sissy boy and I will be ** him in the **...

  • Sick ** on here. These kids don’t have a chance. Experiment with a child’s identity. You are so sick faggots on here.

  • From birth dress him as a girl and let his hair grow. When you do that ga ga baby talk, tell him he's beautiful and tell him he's going to change the world. Get him used to being obedient and being helpful.

    Be of strong resolve. There will be times when he rebells. Don't give in. Don't let him grow up thinking he can argue or get his own way.

  • You are a ** sick **!

  • You should kill yourself.

  • Some nice names,
    My favourite is Jody. We named our son Jodie.
    But others are Courtney, Ashley, Adriane, sasha, Riley, Addison.

  • Your Dad failed you as a parent and you grew up a **.

  • This man is a loser. The kid needs real parents.

  • Don't listen to the nasty comments. Stay true to your convictions. There is no reason to repeat the past. Make a new future.

    Look to those who are going down the path before you. It's early days but you'll still be a trail Blazer.

    Yes choose a girls name that's also a boys name. Dress him both as a boy and a girl. There a some key things. Find other like minded parents so he has a group of supporters. Do enrol him as early as you can in Ballet. As he gets older athletics and gymnastics. Don't allow rough contact sports.

  • People like you are destroying society. What a moron

  • You progressive idiot.

  • Maybe you'll get lucky and bring up a pretty little ** trap.

  • Um..???

  • Both of you should ** die

  • Agreed.

  • I agree they both should poor kid.

  • This is mental illness. Get her into a psychiatric hospital immediately.

  • Yes it is

  • The Muslim call to prayer sounds like a screaming banshee. It sounds like some grotesque battle cry just before a massacre.

  • Probably fake but if not, you're a child abuser and should go to prison.

  • I agree it’s emotional abuse.

  • Divorce the lesbian ** and get custody of your son. The ** will put him on female hormones and make a ** out of him if you don't.

  • People are more manageable when they all think the same way.
    Im a fatalist. I dont think you have a choice of how you raise your kids.

    I wish you could all be prosperous for no reason. ** reason and order. Prosperity for everyone.


  • Gay

  • "Gfys."

    Thanks! Will do! My name is Marcel Shihadeh and I'd like you to see my ** **!

  • Fake and gay

  • I hope it’s fake but it sure is gay as **

  • It's probably that freak Marcel Shihadeh who confessing to ** a minor.

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