Not all girls are thin, some of us a stocky and chubby

I was a chubby baby, and chubby toddler, a chubby little girl. In high school I was 'fat'. I was a freshman and I liked to watch sports and watched the girls play volleyball and softball. I liked watching this one girl, she was stocky and played catcher on the softball team. She had large ** which she kept in a sports bra. She had thick thighs and large arms. She was taller than me and looked like she could kick the ** out of me if she wanted. She was my first full time crush.

One day after the pep rally the came over to me and asked me if I was going to the game. She asked me to go with her, but not to get any ideas, she had been set up by one of her friends on the softball team. At the game, she rubbed her ** across my arm turning to talk to a friend in the bleachers. Her friend asked her if she was going for pizza after the game and she said she had to take me home, but she would show up later. In the car she asked if I wanted pizza, but to keep my mouth shut and not get any ideas.

At the pizza place she kept me inside the booth while she talked to her friends. From time to time she asked me a question, and at one point she kept her hand on my thigh. After pizza she drove me home and told me not to get any ideas and she kissed me on the mouth to see if I tasted good. She felt me up and kissed me and brought my hand between her legs. She made out with me for thirty minutes and got her hands on my ** and up between my legs. She took out a pen and signed her name on my breast and told me not to wash it off, she didn't want any other girl getting ideas.

I am 42 now and I'm heavy and I have a girlfriend, a younger woman, who is a stocky sports girl who plays softball on a women's sport team. I have a thing for catchers with their legs open during the game. She has large ** and I like them hanging over me while she sits on my hips. I like having her rub herself against me slapping me with her **. I like **, what can I say. She is learning that she has to let me lead and a I like to hold the baton and have her dance to my tune. She's young and I'm her first older girlfriend.

Jan 15

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