Don't drink so much.

Last night my dad and step mom were out for a friends retirement party, My dad came in and went straight to bed without a word and just waved to me as he went past me on the couch, My step mom went into the main bathroom and I was sitting there watching tv, She was in there quite a while so I went and knocked on the door and she just slurred and made a noise so I opened the door, She was sitting on the toilet. She looked up at me and I could tell she was trashed, I asked if she needed help and she just nodded her head, I took some toilet paper and went to hand it to her and she couldn't even hold it so I thought "Hmmm, Maybe she needs extra help", So I picked it up and put my hand on her knee, She spread her legs and leaned back a little as I reached between her legs and wiped her bald little **.
I gave it a wipe and tossed the toilet paper in the toilet but then I ran my bare hand across her lips and she just sat there, She is 45 and obviously only shaved before going out because it was completely bald but she just sat there so I rubbed it a little more and she just took a deep breath and sighed. I slid one ** in her and she winced a little then held her breath for a second and breathed out, She was so warm and so we and just sitting there not making a sound other than starting to breath a little heavier.
I pulled my ** out of her and as I did she took a deep breath and moaned a little, I reached up and unbuttoned her shirt and she actually helped me shuffle it off, She has small ** and they are really sagged out with big dark pink nips that are wrinkled and ugly but she didn't seem to care, I stood up and reached down her back, Unclipped her bra and and she let it fall off, She seemed comfortable sitting there and as I worked her pants and ** off her ankles she didn't do much, I spent a long time in there with her and used her hand to ** me finishing on her stomach and it dripped down dripping off her pink little lips into the toilet. I played with her nips a bit until I was hard again and then stood over her right in front and stroked myself until I gave her a second one on her stomach and then got right up on my tippy toes and rubbed a big load on her mouth as I squeezed it out, She licked her lips and smacked them as she swallowed.
I stood leaning on the counter and then took a bunch of pictures of her, I figured I probably had one more load since I was hard again so I managed to ** one more and put it on her again I rubbed it all over her little ** and then wiped a big drop across her lips again and she licked them and swallowed again. I didn't want to get busted so I got a facecloth warm and wet and dabbed her clean as best I could but I could see a big drop hanging from her pink ** lips so I slid my hand under her and rubbed it all over her lips and then slid my ** in her, I hope she is on the pill and then I left and went to bed, Next morning she was in bed and when she came out she was real friendly to me and didn't seem to remember it at all.

Jan 16

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