My bf fondled my ** during **

My bf fondled my ** during ** i asks him to not & he now mad
1 told my college teacher & sass my body & to dump my bf

Jan 20

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Ravished like the girl in the novel

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  • She laid down on the bed.

    I lit some candles.

    It was cool and she looked beautiful in the light of the candles.

    I spoke with her gently and touched her gently and eventually she said that she was not likely to get turned on and ** and that I should just enjoy myself.

    I put a plastic bag over my ** with some oil in it and then put on some undies to hold it together.

    I then lifted her nightie up until it was all bunched above her ** and they were exposed. I ran my hands over and between her legs and across her **. I then started to ** on one of her **. She tried to push me away.

    This is not allowed. I said to her no you must not resist.

    I told her to lie with her hands at her sides and her legs spread and down flat. She did this and then I started sucking again and feeling her between her legs. She started crying and saying she couldn't do this and that I should get another woman and she was quite noisy and I was worried she would wake the kids.

    I told her to be silent. She quietened down a bit but was still crying and saying she couldn't do it. I said yes you can and just hugged her for a while.

    Then when she had calmed down I said lay back down and we will have another go.

    She said don't ** me isn't feeling between my legs enough and I said "where I touch you is my decision to make". She put her hands over her ** which were now covered by her nightie and said that she couldn't do it.

    So I got up and blew out the candles and we went to sleep. It was a hot night and the plastic sheet under the cotton sheet makes for not the best sleep and around 2am I woke up and had a drink of water and saw the time. She too was awake so I asked her if she had recovered her composure and she said yes. So I said, well then we will have another go at **.

  • She started saying just don't ** her **. I said that she was just to lie there and not to resist. To put her hands at her sides and legs apart. I got up and lit the candles again. I then started to run my hands all over her body but when I got to her ** she started to pushed me away.

    I reprimanded her and asked her who's are your ** and she shouted out "they are Gods" and then started to cry. Again I held her and said that she needed to think positive thoughts about her husband. She needed to come at this from a positive angle. I then got up again and blew out the candles.

    About 4:30am, just as the sky was getting light I woke again. I ran my hands through her hair and up and down her legs to wake her. When she woke, I said time to have another go at it. I said to her that I wanted her to think positively about it and that to say that she wanted me to touch her.

    Then I asked her some questions. "Would you like me to touch you". She turned away and I said "The answer is yes" She said "Do you want me to live a lie" and I said "You need to start to think positively and to say positive things.

    Then I said "I want to you answer in the positive and when I have finished and I have **, I want you to thank me". I then asked her questions like
    "Do you want me to touch you" and she said yes.
    "Do you want me to feel your legs", "yes",
    "Do you want me to kiss you", "yes".
    I then said I wanted her to answer yes please. I said
    "Do you want me to ** you" and she said "yes please".
    As I asked these questions, I would be doing the thing - running my hands up her legs or kissing her and so on.
    Then I said "Do you want me to touch your **" and she did say "yes please".
    And I started to touch them and then
    I said "Would you like me to pull up your nightie" and she said "Cant you be satisfied with what you've got". and

  • I said "You have to not resist, you have to think about giving yourself to me and then I finally said that you know that we have to do this Its like a horse rider getting back in the saddle after a fall". I then repeated the question
    "Would you like me to lift your nightie" and she answered "yes please".

    She was then lying on the bed, with the nightie pulled up above her ** and her ** exposed and her legs apart and her hands by her side.
    I then said "Would you like me to touch your **." and she said "yes please" and so I caressed her ** and humped the mattress with my ** in the plastic bag and was really stimulated.

    Then I asked the big one "Would you like me to ** your **" and there was a pause and she turned away and said "yes please".
    I reached over and turned her face toward me and asked again and she answered "yes please" so I sucked on one breast while rubbing my hands across the other breast and humped and came and came. Oh what a release. Then I rolled onto my back and lay there holding her hand. And she said "Thank you". I just lay there for about ten minutes maybe more and

    then I said that she had been very good and should be proud of herself and that she could pull her nightie down and go to sleep. Which she did.

  • Please dump him so you never procreate and have children, as your confession is more retarded than the children you’d have, you inbred ** **

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