I was having a sleep over and my mom

I was having a sleep over and my mom made me invite this one girl I used to be friends with. When she went to sleep we took her underweare and her bras. We hid them in my dresser draw and when we went to school we put them in her locker and her PE locker, it was funny.

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  • i dont get it

  • that sounds stupid.

  • that was majorly bitchy. watch your back, she knows it was you.

  • Good one!

  • that was so cool

  • That was stupid. It's not like she doesn't know that you guys were the ones who took them, stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • funny? how would you like it if the roles were reversed... don't you think of other peoples feelings? i hope you let her in on the story and appologize to her... do you really want bad karma?

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