I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of giving everyone my all. I’ve never been loved back and it’s just so tiring. I’m so used to it. I’m so tired. Please just let me rest.

Jan 24

Next Confession

Satin **

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  • It's okay to be tired. It's normal. Most people are very, very tired- life is demanding, and it's often cruel and if you cling too hard to how you want to feel, it's torturous to feel any other way. But you can realize that it's very, very human to feel anything that you, a human being, feels. That this, too, can pass. Did you feel this way from birth? Not usually, but some do. Even in those cases, how you feel can change with the passage of time.

    It's not good, it's not bad- we may see it as good, or bad, but really, it just is what it is. It's how you feel, and it's okay. Life is a ride, and you only go around once, so drink your fill of the cup that is life, and see what's at the bottom for you, personally. Only you can live your life, and your story is whatever your story is. We don't know the ups and downs, even if it seems certain, it isn't. I say, withhold judgement until you've read the entirety of the story of your life.

    You can say how good or bad it is now, but are you really in a position to make that call, or even be right if you did? I don't know how your story turns out- I don't know how MY story turns out. Do you really know how your story goes, until you've lived it through?

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