I don't believe I'm a lesbian but I have never had ** with a man

I was raised in a classic family, father is the leader of the house, mother supports the father, children obey their parents. I never saw my mother assert herself, and frankly I believe that she likes it that way. But I'm nor wired like her, I don't like being told what to do and I don't believe that a man has the right to tell women what to do because they are the man. I went to a fairly liberal university and graduated with my degree in journalism, my goal is to be an opinion journalist.

I am not gay. Most of my friends are also women, and most of them are gay. I don't know why I am attracted to those personalities, but I get wet over a guy and not over a woman. That said I have never had man on woman **, for lots of reasons, not the least of it being when I am starts to own me I walk away. So here I am 27. I have never touched a **, much less sucked a **, and I have never had a ** in my **. No male ** whatsoever.

I live with women, who are lesbian and I've seen it all, both with my roommates and at parties. I travel with lesbians so these parties are always lesbian. My perfect girl is a composite of various women I know, both the anatomy and the character. No one woman fits it all. I'm picky.

I've had women sleep with me and it never bothered me. Naked women around me don't bother me. Being naked around women doesn't bother me. Watching kissing and fondling behavior between women doesn't bother me, watching open sexual acts between women such as going down on another woman, bothers me a little. I have never had a dream about having ** with another woman.

A male friend has offered to fix my problem. I haven't accepted because I don't want some mechanical ** akin to masturbation. He has held me, pulled me to him, and I don't like it.

I have a friend who navigates the sexual world and I may asexual. I don't know. For now if one of my roommates wants to come and sleep with me I let them, if they want to snuggle I let them, But we don't have **.

Jan 24
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  • You lot are just confused, diagnose with a mental illness. You really need a man. Not a toy. You need Jesus. He can cure you.

  • Sounds like a combination of issues. One low ** drive. Two very progressive outlook that doesn’t paint men in a decent light. Not quite asexual but not a romantic.

  • Elon slurp on ** foo!

  • There is nothing wrong with loving another woman.

    Being with another woman is a beautiful thing. Nothing better than being touched by another woman

  • Yes there is. Its an abomination. Don't lie but then again you probably support them AND worship Jesus. Pick a side. ** or Heaven. No such thing as gay Christians. Its a paradox.

  • There is nah nah nah nah

  • ???

  • You're gy. You my just not be into **. You'll never marry a man so quit thinking your straight.

  • Wahoo

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