Always the last to know about a death in the family.

Went downstairs to get breakfast and was told that my uncle Eddie died last night. What really gets me is that whenever a family member is dead, I'm always the last one in my family to know about it. First there was my Uncle Bob. I didn't even know he died until we went to the funeral. My grandma was next. At first, she was sick but, I never knew she was in the hospital until my brother drove us both up there to see her. She eventually died. My Uncle Frank next. Another Grandma, Aunt Leona. Aunt Dolores, Uncle Anthony, Aunt Mildred, Uncle Bernie and now my Uncle Eddie. What really gets me is that I'm always the last one to know whenever a family member passes away. Sometimes that makes me feel like that's how it's going to be with me. If I was going to die, I wouldn't know about it until I was told at the last minute. I sometimes visualize it in my head. I'm lying in bed very sick and a doctor walks in. He looks at me and simply says, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this but, you're going to be dead in a minute." That's it. No, "We found out why you're so sick." or no, "You have "(incurable disease)". I'm simply told that I'll be dead in a minute and the doctor walks out without telling me why I'm dying.

Jan 27
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