Coming out as bisexual...

Some months ago I confessed on this site I (58) was bisexual and proceeded to accept and understand it. I told my dad and to my insane surprise he too is bisexual,,,he is 78. We both talked about getting old, other life events and we both felt no matter what,,these feelings never subside and go away. They didn't for either of us. As time has gone recently,, I have told some very close friends,, they too were cool and supporting. Me and 1 cousin get together on the down low and go to town,,it's awesome. When I told my other cousin and my aunt and uncle, all these feelings of support and love just don't feel right anymore. What I am saying is,, it's like I told my aunt uncle and cousin,, I like to ** **, I like to swallow guys **, I like to eat a guys **, I like to get ** by guys, I like to french kiss guys. Everyone prior to my cousin and aunt and uncle that I have told, made me felt loved, free and affirmation. My cousin aunt and uncle knowing makes me feel embarrassed, bad and wrong

Feb 21

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Afraid to be intimate

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  • JUST PICK ONE (I'm kidding I love bi people except for you specifically because you're old and weird.)


  • That's so awesome! OMG!
    I'm bi-sexual
    My mom and dad are bi-sexual
    My dog is bi-sexual
    My hamster is bi-sexual
    My neighbor is bi-sexual
    My great great grandparents are bi-sexual
    My fish are bi-sexual

  • Your family is so messed up in the head.

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