Why would I want to???

I see all these confessions about girls who have ** with guys who have a giant **. I am a 33 year old married woman and my husband has a simple average **. And I am ok with that. I don't want to try, or even know, that I can take a 12 inch wine bottle in any of my holes. I would not want to know I am that big and loose.

Feb 9

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  • What works for you works for you. So many humans exist so that every life can be lived- live your life, because your life is for you to live, and let others live other lives. To each their own, and that's absolutely fine.

  • Recently I went to Mumbai, and I had a mind to teach the pajeet subhumans about the value of compassion. So I fed sixty dogs in the street, and then I gathered the street orphans to watch, as I admonished them for their lack of humanity.

  • I don't believe you. Based upon what my wife tells me, she always comes harder when her ** is being stretched by a long thick **. You need to be ** by some men with large ** and you will keep ** them once you know what you are missing with your husband and his simple average **.

  • That's good for you and yours, but imagine telling someone what they personally feel about their own situation is wrong in this regard. Kinda weird.

  • I just brought home a puppy, and the first thing he did was ** my Quran off the table and tear it to pieces. Now I'm thinking of gathering the torn pages in a folder and returning it to the local masjid. What should I do?

  • Amen!

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